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Impact of Computers on Society in General

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Ekram Huq

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Impact of Computers on Society in General

Impact of Technology on Entertainment Impact of Communication Technology on Education Conclusion Technology has provided so many forms of entertainment. The latest technologies are also being made so people are able to communicate, play different types of media, and access the internet in one device. The computer is an example of technology which supply more than enough. Introduction As the society is continuously growing and developing, technology is constantly being made and improved. The use of technology has widely grown across the world, making it easier to communicate, get tasks done, and make work more efficient. Computers allow us to visit various sites in which they provide media and/or research information. The ways which technology keeps the society entertained and helps people in their daily activities is just the start of what people are creating for the future. Negative Impacts of Technology for Entertainment on the Society Positive Impacts of Technology for Entertainment on Society Too many teenagers are spending too much time on their computers or other electronic devices.
People are being dragged into the virtual world quite easily
As technology develops, privacy issues and such start to become a huge problem Technology has changed the way we learn. Before we had computers, it was hard for us to learn. Now we can easily search on google and find an immense amount of information and educational sites. Researching has never been so easy; with a click of a button you'll be given results about a topic within seconds . Not only has it affected the way we seek knowledge but it has become very simple to get work done by electronic devices.However, communication technologies have disadvantages that can affect a student's education. - Computers help many students establish their own understanding.
- The Internet gives students the ability to choose from a variety of educational sources.
- Students and teachers can use the internet to communicate and share ideas and knowledge
- Computers can teach students individually in case teachers do not have time or resources
- The speed of online education can be controlled thus enabling students to learn at their own pace
- A large amount of students can attend one online course simultaneously
- Televisions have many educational channels and shows
- Though the radio is mainly used for entertainment, it covers a lot of educational topics
- Computers can make learning fun for some children Effects of Communication Technology on the Future As we look ahead into the future we realize that technology is only advancing. Humans are creating new technology to make our lives much simpler. With the wide variety of different technologies which perform many different functions, we seem to live off them. Although communication technologies have negative aspects of it, they are being made to help people cope with the physical environment much easier. Negative Impacts of Technology on the Society in the Future Positive Impacts of Technology on the Society in the Future There may be a lot of negative aspects of technology but humans gain positive results out of them as well.

People are able to communicate and keep in contact with others all over the world
It enhances the ways of life to become much more self efficient
It allows people to work at home and earn money *Interview* In our early age we used to listen to radio broadcasts to get information and news about our country. Then televisions gave us information like radios but with visuals which had a greater impact. Telephones were initially used to communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives. It made our relationships stronger by improving our social interactions.When international telecommunication became available, the range of our communication spread. Then came computer based communication system which had a tremendous impact in improving our knowledge base, standard of living, and economic growth. Computers allowed people from around the globe to share ideas and information which helped us. We were able to communicate and get help from people around the globe we don't even know. It seemed the world became smaller and the borders were fading between the country. We now use technology:
To find information about current events instead of books and newspapers.
It's easier to find a specific article.
Recent technology has enabled humans to access the internet through game consoles
Many technologies make it possible to multitask easily Positive effects Bibliography Many people aren't able to imagine life without technology because they were brought up in such an environment.

People are starting to get too dependent on technology
People tend to lose touch with the real world
Recently, many people are trying to invent technology that enables people to invade others' privacy.
Humans take technology for granted
-The internet has a lot of unreliable sources
-Insufficient practice of handwriting
-Due to spell check, students forget how to spell properly
-Children who loath studying would rather watch TV for entertainment
- Computers may distract students from school work Communication technologies impact the learning in our society in more positive ways than negative ways. People who know how to use it properly may learn many things. It will also help teachers by giving them the ability to communicate with students through the internet. As time passes, more people will have access to communication technology which will make their learning much easier and effective. Negative effects http://www.sedl.org/pubs/tec26/cnc.html













http://importanceoftechnology.net/151/impact-of-technology-on-our-life Realizing how great the impact of technology is on the society, it shows how technology isn't the only thing changing but so is society itself. Not all technology is essential to our lives but because this generation grew up with technology, it's hard to imagine no technology at all. Societal changes show the interconnectedness of the world and the pros and cons of it. Technology is growing at such fast pace that it starts to bring up the question: Will the Earth be taken over by robots one day?
Jobs are increasing in fields and departments yet there are many employees who are being replaced by machines which are able to carry out tasks much faster than an average human. This slowly creates a society which is reliant on technology and, in some cases, results in an increase of unemployed people. Dystopian Society? Thank You!
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