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Hunger Games vs. United States

No description

Abby Riese

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Hunger Games vs. United States

The Hunger Games
The United States
In the Hunger Games, people in the Capitol stockpile wealth, which resembles the distribution of wealth in our society.
Reality Television
The Hunger Games are real
for those involved, but a sport
for those watching, much like
the way in which our reality
television works in America.
CNN named "Survivor" the fifth most influential TV show of all time (Garron).
Survivor: While major injuries force contestants out of the competition, minor injuries are "a part of the game" (Dehnart).
Reality TV is influential
Contestants sustain real injuries
"They try to stagger [the reapings] throughout the day so a person could conceivably watch the whole thing live, but only people in the Capitol could really do that, since none of them have to attend reapings themselves" (Collins 45).
Hunger Games: "I almost faint at the sight of my calf. The flesh is a brilliant red covered with blisters" (Collins 179).
Offender Identification and Treatment
In the Hunger Games, a system is in place for punishing and identifying those who break the law, much like our American justice system.
Avoxes and law breakers
Hunger Games: "'What's an Avox?' I ask stupidly.
'Someone who committed a crime. They cut her tongue so she can't speak,' says Haymitch. 'She's probably a traitor of some sort'" (Collins 77).

In America, we have a sex offender registry so we can identify offenders in our area.
"Days of hunting and gathering for this one meal and even then it would be a poor substitution for the Capitol version" (Collins 65).
"What it must be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button?...What do they do all day, these people in the Capitol, besides decorating their bodies and waiting around for a new shipment of tributes to roll in and die for their entertainment?" (Collins 65).
(Wisconsin Court System NP).
Food distribution
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, poverty rates were lower in 2011 than in 2010 for Hispanics, males, foreign-born Americans, noncitizens, people living in the South,
people living outside cities but inside metropolitan areas
According to CBS News, as of February 2012, there were 44.7 million Americans on food stamps (Goins). This equates to approximately 7% of all Americans.
In both The Hunger Games and in the United States, there are people who cannot afford to eat on their own without supplemental help (i.e. hunting or governmental aid).
Celebrity relationships
In the Hunger Games as well as in our American society, celebrity relationships are often contrived to generate publicity.
In the Hunger Games, Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta to pretend to be in a relationship to generate media attention and to get them sponsors.

"Haymitch couldn't be sending me a clearer message. One kiss equals one pot of broth...If I want to keep Peeta alive, I've got to give the audience something more to care about. Star-crossed lovers desperate to get home together. Two hearts beating as one. Romance" (Collins 261).
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been rumored to have gotten back together in October 2012 for the sole purpose of generating media attention to the release of their movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"Their relationship is probably being used for all its maximum promotional power" (Chaney).
Training and prep work
In both the Hunger Games and in America, those entering battle must be trained extensively, as well as undergo physical changes in order to participate.
In the Hunger Games, Katniss must go though a process in the Remake Center where they alter her appearance before she participates in the Hunger Games.

"My legs, arms, torso, underarms, and parts of my eyebrows have been stripped of the stuff, leaving me like a plucked bird, ready for roasting" (Collins 51).
Soldiers in the army must all have similar haircuts.

"The requirement for hair grooming standards is necessary to maintain uniformity within a military population...Extreme, eccentric, or trendy haircuts or hairstyles are not authorized" ("Hair Standards").
Tributes, just like soldiers, must be properly trained for battle.
"The head trainer, a tall, athletic woman named Atala steps up and begins to explain the training schedule. Experts in each skill will remain at their stations...some of the stations teach survival skills, others fighting techniques" (Collins 93).

"Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a training course that transforms civilians into Soldiers. Over the course of ten weeks these recruits learn about the Seven Core Army Values, how to work together as a team and what it takes to succeed as a Soldier in the U.S. Army" ("Soldier Life...").
Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic, Inc. 2008. Book.

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Works Cited
In Wisconsin, we have a Web site called CCAP where all adults who have committed a crime are listed publicly, so that, like in The Hunger Games, wrongdoers are easily identifiable.

Additionally, we have prison systems where prisoners are incarcerated and held for breaking the law.
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