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Nuremberg Trials

In 1945-1946 the Nuremberg Trials were held in Germany to bring the Nazi soldiers to justice after the awful war crimes they committed. Everyone who was invovled with the Nazis were also tried in the trial.

maloree keepness

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Nuremberg Trials

The trials were held between 1945-1946 to bring the anyone who was involved with the war crimes that the Nazis had committed. Some say the Nuremberg trial was the biggest trial in history. The Nuremberg trials started because all the people who helped Hitler would be punished and put in shame. Some people said it was not a fair trial, but it was because there were rules to follow. All the Nazis had lawyers and had the right to speak in front of all eight judges There were four charges against the accused Nazi's. The first charge was “conspiring to engage in the other three accounts”. The second charge was “crimes against peace”. The third of the charge was “war crimes”. The last charge was “the crimes against humanity”. Those were the four charges that were layed on the men. At first there were 1,045 people in the trial who were being tried. 22 of them were sentenced to death. Hitler was the only one who was absent from the trial, because he comitted suicide a few days before the war had ended. On November 9-10, 1938 30,000 Jewish people were taken away & sent to live in concentration camps. In the first six weeks 2,000 were already killed.
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