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Unnie's Big Adventure

No description

Alex Parr

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Unnie's Big Adventure

Unni's Big Adventure
About Unni
In 1951 all the way in Oslo, Norway there was a 14 year old girl whose name is Unni. But then she moved...
Present day
Why Did She Move?
Since Unni's mom and dad got divorced and her dad couldn't take good care of her in Norway, she moved to New York with her mom and her new husband George.
Her Move
Unni moved from Norway to America on a steamship called "Oslofjord". The journey took 10 days to cross the sea.
This is her route
Now, Unni is living happily in
San Francisco, California, USA and is married to a man named Lester. She has three daughters and four grandkids!!
A New Home
Since Norway is so far North, in the winter it is dark very early and in the summer it is almost light all day. Unni would ski a lot in Oslo, but in America skiing
was expensive and had to go on ski lifts. Also, in America Unni went to church more but in Norway she would mostly go for funerals, baptisms and Christmas
Unni felt very shy and timid at the beginning because she was not used her outgoing American classmates. In Norway there was lots of respect for the teachers, but in New York the students kept on talking when the teacher came. In Oslo they would even stand up when the teacher came in. since Unni didn't know English it was hard to make friends but she made some friends as time went by. Unni met two friends (twins)that would stop by her house every morning and they would walk to school together.
Norwegian Traditions
Traditions that Unni still follows today
Unni celebrates Christmas on the 24th of December instead of on the 25th. She also celebrates the Norwegian independence day on the 17th of May. Unni still makes Norwegian foods like kjottaker and Gjetost.
Challenges, Risks and Opportunities
A challenge was learning English because Unni didn't know how to speck English before she came. Unni and her mom settling in/adjusting to their new life.
Unni went to a great school that George recommended and got a good job as a secretary.
Her family not finding jobs or a home in New York. And adjusting To her new life.
Unni never tasted grapes or heard of corn until she moved to New York!
Plus in Norway she got to ski home from school!
Hoel, Unni, email interview, 05 September 2013.
Thank you!!!
Any questions??
By: Alexandra Michael Parr
By: Alexandra Parr
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