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The american presidency

limits of power

Dezerae Smith

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The american presidency

The American Presidency Limits of power The presidents power is limited by the constitution and political constraints. There are certin checks and balances that are to be followed. The presidents power is never fixed. Congress The supreme Court Impeachment Public suport The Press The press seeks good stories to frod the
president with. They keep a watchful eye out on the president.
Hoping that eventually they will seek a story
to strip the president of his powers. The power of congres has been shifted backed
and forth through out the years. They have struggled to keep a perfect balance. Power gets shifted when a knew individual from the branch takes charge. Supreme Court has the right and responsibility to deny
certin laws made and certin actions done. Several presidents
in the past have lost their powers to the supreme court.
Supreme court justice serves a life term in office. Impeachment is controled by congress. A president can only be impeached if treaso, bribery or any other Crimes and misdemeanors are present. Two presidents hve been impeached as of present day. Public support is Encouraging fo rthe president.
Mantaining publics support helps promote the president and defend him against the press attacks. The president tends to become influnced by the public support.
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