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Othello - Act V


Janie T

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Othello - Act V

You Suck At Love - Simple Plan
This song is told in
's point of view towards his perfectly innocent wife,
. The main tempo of the music in general is fast and upbeat, representing his blood pressure / anger rising. Drums beating, chest-voice yelling - all forms of producing sound help create the



Significant lyrics:

started off incredible
, connection undeniable"
"I swear I thought you were the one forever"
"I don't know why I wasted my time with you"
me like an amateur"
"You can't trust a
serial cheater
"But your
is so believable"
"Another day,
another bed
- it's just a
inside your head"


Musical Analysis
Quick Recap
Act IV Scene III
Othello sends Desdemona to bed. Desdemona begins to realize her fate as prepares for bed.
Desdemona sings the Willow song and she and Emilia talk to each other about women and their husbands. This causes her to question her relationship with Othello.
Roderigo accepts to kill Cassio, so that Desdemona and Othello will stay in Cyprus.
Roderigo attempts to kill Cassio whom enters the building, and in return Cassio wounds Roderigo.
Iago coming in from behind, stabs Cassio in the leg.
Othello hears all this, and thinks that Iago is killing Cassio, as he promised.
Iago then returns to act innocent and control the scene, while Emilia is sent to Othello and Desdemona.
Scene ii
Othello goes to the bedchamber, intent on killing Desdemona
He then accuses her of cheating on him with Cassio
Though she pleads with him and denies the accusation, Othello strangles her with a pillow
Emilia comes in, and hears of Othello accusations, she then calls for people, while trying to tell him the truth
Montano, Gratiano and Iago barge in
Emilia reveals the truth, but Iago wounds and kills her, then runs off
Cassio comes back with Iago, and the full truth is revealed
Othello full of guilt & regret vies for his innocence, yet at the end of his speech kills himself.
Iago is arrested and taken away for good!
Character Analysis
Represents the "
" or truth
Acts as messenger to Othello, tells him he was a devil, trying to persuade him that he wrongly informed of his wife
Doubtful of her husband, Iago - knows he is a liar and shall not be trusted
Tells her recount of hankerchief incident, which is indeed the ultimate truth
The Role of Religion
England, 1603- Just as we have references in movies and literature to modern day themes, etc. Religion was "universal" and references to the bible or Christianity was understood by all.
God decided who was evil or diabolical, and who was heavenly or divine. Within Othello it's important to note, whether each character is said to be either
Serves as a moral judgement for Othello, who tries to decide whether or not to kill Desdemona
“If you bethink yourself of any crime, unreconcil’d as yet to heaven and grace, solicit it for straight” (V.ii.27-29)
Othello means by this, to "prepare" her soul for death or heaven. Not only tells us that he is having second thoughts, but these thoughts lead him to confess that he still truly loves her no matter what
It also serves as doubt, not in Desdemona, but in Othello himself.
“Do they worst. This deed of thine is no more worthy heaven” (V.ii.158-159).
This quote helps Emilia to break down Othello's HUBRIS.
His arrogance is now gone, because he is doubting that his actions were truly just. Even though Cassio and Desdemona were committing a sin, his actions were also not justified by the bible.
Specific Quotes
"...twill out!" = the
must come out

"Sing willow, willow, willow..." (same song that Desdemona sang in Act IV when she was reminded that her mother's maid sang it right before she died) - can't get it out of her head

symbol of
soon death
Last words: "Moor, she was chaste, she
loved thee. So come my soul to bliss,
as I speak true. So speaking as I
think, alas, I die."
In Conclusion...
- Emilia & Desdemona had a very close,
almost sister-like relationship.

- The agent of
was ultimately her because she directly led Othello to his ultimate downfall. (Will be explained later)

- The truth shall not perish; fail; or be tossed away casually - it reaches out in the end, bringing either triumph or grief depending on the situation (positive vs. negative)

- Willow song was symbolic & had a deeper meaning than a mere willow tree - enhances the plot, bringing a dramatic impact on the atmosphere/mood of play
Act V
Let the show
Has the "choleric humor" in the 4 humors in Scene 2. (Was angry, showed jealousy towards Desdemona)
Interrogates his own wife in thinking she gave the handkerchief to Cassio without actually seeing her. That's how he assumes that Cassio is already dead before the fight emerges.
Othello also represents the cartharsis, the audience feels fear of him, when he kills Desdemona and threatens to kill others. But they also feel pity, when he learns of his mistakes.
"O! Desdemon! Dead Desdemon! O! O!" (V.ii.279)
The truth comes out because of him at the end (conclusion) and since he is the protagonist he goes through all these emotions at the very end of the play.
Everyone in the play is based around him, he not only ends the play, but also concludes the audiences' emotions.

"Are there no stones in heaven But what serves for the thunder? Precious villain" "Othello
runs at
Iago; Mono
him;" (V.ii.234)
"I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee: no way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss." (V.ii.354-355)
Roles - Act V

Othello - Tahmid
Desdemona - Lily
Emilia - Biranavi
Montano - Lily
Gratiano - Jinu
Iago - Janice
Cassio - Jinu
Lodovico - Lily
*Roderigo- Janice
*Bianca- Biranavi
*(only appear in first scene)
Roles - Amazing Spiderman 2
Peter Parker (Othello) - Janice
Gwen Stacey (Desdemona) - Biranavi
Aunt May (Emilia) - Jinu
Harry Osborn (Cassio) - Tahmid
Sound Effects / Music - Lily
Shakespeare's Globe Education.
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Shakespeare, William, and Roma Fill.
New ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. Print.
(Readers & Actors/Actresses)
Quick Recap

Act IV Scene II
Othello interrogates Emilia about Desdemona and she insists that she's done nothing wrong. This causes him to refuse to believe what he's been told and he confronts Desdemona himself.
Iago lies to Roderigo about 2 things; Cassio being assigned to Othello's place and Othello taking Desdemona with him to Mauritania.
Thanks for watching &
listening, we hope you enjoyed our adaptation of Othello Act V
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