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Is it Art

Oral Com presentation over presuading others what art truley is

michael Desrochers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Is it Art

So what is art?? Aesthetics-what is appealing to the sences would you consider this art ??? ?ART? an object that may or may not be pleasing to the eye, as well as something that fits the criteria to the art rules or even our own asthetic a fence? Umbrellas... Many see it as destruction Take the time to look at the piece of art! To understand Art in its entirity
you have to know the Guideline or Rules Principles of Art
Elements of Art
Styles of Art
The first are
The Principles Definition- A set of rules or guidelines to be considered when making or analyzing art and are also what make up a piece of art work Unity- the state of the piece being one or the whole piece working together as one. Balance-the feeling of equality in weight, attention or attraction of various visual elements within the pictorial field. Dominance by ?-the principal of visual organization when certain elements assume more importance than others in the same composition. Dominance by color Symmetrical Coherance- having a “sense of belonging together.” Rythm is the order or regular recurrence of an element or elements.
Movement is implied or actual visual paths on the picture surface that carry the viewers eye in particular directions to bring attention to specific elements.
Proportion is the size of the piece in relation to the whole. Now on to second part: ELEMENTS Definition-The Elements of art are commonly used group of aspects of a work of art used in teaching and analysis, in combination with the principles of art. First is Form- is the physical contour of a work. Space is the three dimensional field with which the artist works. Scale is the size of an object in relationship to other objects and to its surrounding. Lines are tended to be identified as a stroke on a two-dimensional page but also exists in a three dimensional world as well. Texture is the surface characteristics we could feel if we touched it. Light Color is one of the most powerful elements out of them all now with these principles and elements comes the certain styles of art piece Conceptual
Additive So is it art? HIifdsjaklfdjsakl
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