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combat zone

No description

erika steinger

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of combat zone

combat zone
combat zone
do now:
combat zone
unit eq: what impact can a war have on its participants?

lesson eq: how can poetry memorialize the lives of the departed?
the names
reading purpose:
the names
vocabulary: Target word
the names
Critical reading: Evaluate
Choose the option that you prefer and explain your reasoning. If you lost a loved one, would you rather remember him or her by...
Mourning their death and expressing your sadness, or...
Laughing and remembering the good times that you had together
by Billy Collins
Be prepared to discuss what the narrator sees all around him
inscribe (verb) rate it
to words or letters on something
Names can be inscribed on
What is the best way to judge whether a poem is worth reading? Brainstorm three criteria for poetry. A poem is worth reading if...
the names
react and write
What are ways that our country honors the memory or the victims of September 11th?
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