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Conor O'Carroll

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Cambodia

Cambodia is located in Southern Asia
Folk Culture
Cambodian Folk Dance
Bordered by:

Vietnam to the southeast

Laos to the northeast

Thailand to the northwest

Gulf of Thailand to the southwest
Shadow Theater
Gender Roles: Males
Gender Roles: Females
Cultural Diffusion
Cambodian embassy in Washington D.C,
Cultural Taboos
Impacts of Culture on the Landscape
Theravada Buddhism followed by 95% of the population
Gift Giving
Angkor Wat
Official Language: Khmer
Other Languages: French, English
- Responsible for the family's money
- Forced to do more hard physical labor
-serve as major ethical and religious model for the children
-The wife/women has authority but not a lot

Cambodia Town in Long Beach, CA
- Husband is the leader of the family
- Husband is responsible for the shelter and food of the family
Tonle Sap
Impacts of Landscape on Culture
- Women exercise at night only, out of public view

-Women don't complain when abused by spouse, parents or elders

-Women don't cry or scream when in labor

- Men don't have many cultural taboos, but if they break one they can easily redeem themselves, for this reason they are compared to diamonds

United States Ambassador to Cambodia: William E. Todd
Koh Kong
Amok trei
a Cambodian specialty with steamed, curried fish served on banana leaves

- Ancient remains of Khmer Empire (9th century - 15th century)
- Largest fresh water lake in Southeast Asia
- Protected area to preserve animal life
- Floating Villages scattered on the lake
Ang dtray-meuk
whole grilled squid seasoned with garlic, chilies, fish sauce, then finished off with lemon or lime juice
- Curry is a very common spice used in Cambodian food

- Cambodians are well-known for frying insects and reptiles as food (i.e. crickets, spiders, tarantulas, scorpions)
Largest fishing industry in Cambodia
Bridge between Thailand and Cambodia
Beachside Resorts speckle the coastline
Very popular tourist spot
Impact of Landscape on Culture
Phnom Penh - Capital
Royal Palace
Martial Arts has been practiced since ancient times in Cambodia
Bokator has recently been rediscovered in
Commonly associated with only Brazil and other South American countries, street football and futsal are played often in public parks
Side note: English football team - Manchester United. Shows that although a very traditional culture, popular culture has reached Cambodia

Cambodia vs. Malaysia (Friendly Match)
(Skip to 3:45)
- Constitutional Monarchy directed by a parliamentary representative democracy
- King of Cambodia: Norodom Sihamoni
- King Sihamoni is
the head of state
- King appoints the prime
minister: Hun Sen
King Sihamoni
Hun Sen
- In charge of overall
execution of national
policies and programs
- King of Cambodia is a more
ornamental figure to the people
exactly like the Queen of England
Fun Facts
Population: 15,205,539
Official Name: Preahreachanachakr Kampuchea
Median Age: 23.7
1 US Dollar = 3,936.51 Cambodian Riels
Marlboro cigarettes - equivalent of $1.00
2 Gallons Coke/Pepsi - equivalent of $11.00
Nike Shoes - equivalent of $25.00
Gasoline (Gallon) - $4.13
Families care extremely about the name of their children and the meanings behind them
List of
Buddhist monks
going through rites of passage at the temple
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