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DMin Success

No description

Gene Maynard

on 28 September 2018

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Transcript of DMin Success

DMin Success
Begin with End in View
5 Ways TO GET Your DMin
5 Easy Ways to Fail a DMin
3 Ways to Complete -- and Defend -- Your Dissertation
A Blessing
This is the GOAL!
No one can ever take this away from you
Expect Perfectionism
Find the point of diminishing returns and avoid it!
The doctoral wheel is moving FAST!
Get behind and you are in trouble
Learn too Much
Make no mistake: a DMin involves a lot of learning
But, it requires FOCUSED learning in a FOCUSED area for a FOCUSED purpose directed towards an eventual dissertation
Focus on Grades
and Coursework
No one will ever ask about your GPA in your DMin program
Miss the Point of the First Two Years
the perfect GPA = the minimum required GPA
During the first two years, you need to do these things:
pick a research area
pick an adviser
read A LOT
try research projects
Refuse to Isolate
You are not alone
Find your voice
Get into the conversations
Get coffee with a prof
Know Your Distractions
Find your optimal focus hours
Find your "monastery"
Think bursts of efficiency
Collect Ideas
Keep them!
Do not lose them!
Constantly be looking for them!
Remember the Learning Curve
consider Evernote--an electronic note taking program that syncs with the cloud
You will make mistakes
You will make silly mistakes
You will make mistakes often
But eventually things will get easier!
Always Leave Time for
non-DMin Life and Fun
Know Your Topic Inside Out
Your Defense Committee Will Ask Questions--
It's OK to Disagree with Them
Plan a Celebration Afterwards!
You will be the expert in the room
You must be the expert in the room
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