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Enocrine system

Step 2.Create a presentation using one of the following to explain the Enocrine system to your classmates. Step 3. Post two test questions about the information you presented.

Hayley Perry

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Enocrine system

Brainstorm References Answers Stem Cell
Research (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Questions What is stem cells?
What is an ethical issue with stem cells ?
Identify some careers with stem cells?
Avantages and disadvantages of stem cells? what i think the answers are. The genetics that end up showing the relatively ways your baby will look like.
That it's wrong to mess with your stem cells to change your baby, because it is Gods will to make how your baby's ways.
I think doctors work with stem cells.
Advantages-You can determine if your baby will have cancer, or any kind of diseases. Also it would be fun, to determine what personality your baby with have & Its outer appearances.
Disadvantages-You work might not come out the way you want it too, & you might not except that. then it wouldn't be the best out come. Identify careers
that deal with
Stem cells. What is an
Ethical issue with Stem cells? What is a
Stem cells? Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells.
The derivation of pluripotent stem cell lines from oocytes and embryos is fraught with disputes about the onset of human personhood.
Laboratory/R&D Intern, Biomedical IT Intern, & Research Associate.
-It provides medical benefits in the fields of therapeutic cloning and regenerative medicine.
-It provides great potential for discovering treatments and cures to a plethora of diseases including Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes and many more.
-Limbs and organs could be grown in a lab from stem cells and then used in transplants or to help treat illnesses.
-The use of embryonic stem cells involves the destruction of blastocysts formed from laboratory-fertilized human eggs. For those people who believe that life begins at conception, the blastocyst is a human life and to destroy it is immoral and unacceptable.
-Like any other new technology, it is also completely unknown what the long-term effects of such an interference with nature could materialize.
-Embryonic stem cells may not be the solution for all ailments. List some
Advantages and Disadvantage
of Stem Cells. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-stem-cell-research.html http://www.servads.com/sc?p=YTExMzk0Mzc3MzAs2nzvyHa4%2Bk75Xvd9edZVBYSq8OUnuvdcd5g8NZII8k4TNa3dWbkAFa7ktGSx7TkeLr3VSamAUVEZLc7iPAbLl9BjtV%2FxEgg6pEoIyfeUo6AUy45KGPLGIxLw%2FYk1YdJeG3%2FHfbSi%2B0o2NYM1AwKuafZCrwplLqs4BojyH1%2Bbie%2BcBW6VG5OL1b%2FkEcPr%2FzzDeDLqrK%2Bhp0nvN%2F0sy64XKP8uCWxL00Th%2BbMdBeZgecuJ11UFaAEmkDu2tWFEVqa3NoCjR0EuMtEhSU6POFkUtm1xqvsnFXiBSXjaH57gXPVuIjEtc1FS&t=1 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19366754
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