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Cooperating Teachers

No description

Kayla Maxwell

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers
Juan Bautista-Cruz, Jillian Ferree, Taylor Kahny, Jennifer Limburg, Kayla Maxwell
Goals for learners:
What We Learned:
First: Meeting with Dara
orientation of training material
How we conducted analysis:
Worked with Dara Hall to assess Needs
Updated information (from COE) to make it more concise

Final Products:
Created brochure on InDesign
Created Articulate Slides, complete with quiz

How client can use this:
Give cooperating teachers an effective way to understand their role

Training Material for Cooperating Teachers

Update Brochure information

The learner will be able to describe cooperating teacher responsibilities and apply these roles to the student teaching experience.

How to coordinate with a client

Update information
Update technology
Create supplementary materials
Create Quizzes
Ensure programs ran correctly
Filter through given materials
Overall design of brochure
The learner will be able to locate and apply all information included in the Student Teaching Performance Guide to structure the student teaching experience.
The learner will be able to define and execute the five different methods of co-teaching featured in the Student Teaching Performance Guide.
Helping to implement new training
Design Experience
Listening and engaging with client needs
Coordinating with other group
Needs Analysis Flow Chart:
Step one: Post Brochure and New Information on Website
Step two: Give cooperating teachers access to the information
Step three: Ask cooperating teachers for feedback on new products
Intended audience:
Cooperating Teachers
Adult learners, age 25-55
Various Technological Backgrounds
Motivations to learn this material:
Intrinsic - both university supervisors and cooperating teachers enjoy learning and helping others to learn
Extrinsic - if the cooperating teachers would like to become certified as clinical faculty in the future
Where learning will be conducted:
Learning will typically take place in the CT classroom, US office, or in the homes of the CTs and US on personal or work computers. As iPads are being more heavily introduced into schools, the learning could also take place on a tablet device.
Learning will take place online, therefore users must have internet access to complete the orientations.
Learning will take place individually
Second: Learner, Needs and Context Analysis
second meeting with Dara
Third: Tasks analysis
Fourth: Rapid Prototype
Develop Brochure Design
Last: Implementation and Evaluation after feedback
Could require CT's take a screen shot of completed work for proof
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