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King Arthur's Last Battle

No description

Brady Hansen

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of King Arthur's Last Battle

King Arthur's Last Battle

King Arthur's Last Battle
The Battle of Camlann was King Arthur's last and final battle. In this battle, it is said that he was mortally wounded by his Nephew Mordred. Though it's been a while since King Arthur's time, many people today believe that he is still alive.
Facts About the Battle of Camlann
This battle took place between 539 and 542 AD.

The battle was fought against his nephew, (some say son) Modred, the son of Lot the King of the Picts. Therefore, he was a Pict.

Arthur and his army fought this battle against the Picts, in Britain.

The word "cam" in "Camlann" means crooked, and the battle is said to have taken place near a crooked river.

King Arthur was injured in the Last Battle, and was taken to his burial site after.

Arthur's Army triumphed in the end of the battle.
The Story of the Battle Of Camlann
There are many different versions of the story about how it all started. One version suggest this. King Arthur was, by far, the best king ever crowned in England. However, a few knights of the roundtable grew disloyal to him. Sir Mordred was one of them, he longed to rule England in place of Arthur. The other knight was Lancelot, who's castle Guinevre was living in. Arhtur, not eager to attack, was persuaded by Sir Gaiwane. During the attack, Arthur was knocked off his horse. Before the fatal blow could be struck, Lancelot stopped it and gave King Arthur back Guienivre, and they returned to Camelot.
Mordred Takes Over
Soon after the battle with Lancelot, Arthur left for France. While he was gone, Mordred takes complete control over Britain and seizes Arthur's throne. He did this by telling the people of Britain that Arthur was killed in battle. Then, he demanded Guinevere to marry him. Guinevere, though, secretly got word out to the true King Arthur, and a violent battle broke out. Sir Gaiwan was killed during this battle, but upon his death bed he sent word to Lancelot, and he said King Arthur needed him. (Arthur was still on his way from France)
The Final Battle
In the next Battle, Arthur returns. In an epic duel between Arthur and Mordred, King Arthur manages to Triumph and strike down Mordred. He did not make it through this battle unscathed, though. Arthur was mortally wounded from his fight with Mordred, and his death was imminent. Before his death, however, Arthur asked to bring him to the Lady of the Lake. He was brought to the lake, and he threw his sword, Excalibur, into the lake. A hand then reached out of the lake, caught it, and brought it under. After that, King Arthur died, and his was body was taken to his burial site.
All in All...
In summary, the Battle of Camlann, or better known as Arthur's Last Battle, is the battle that resulted in the death of King Arthur. Although the many different sources and details can make the story difficult to understand, it makes a very interesting tale. Even though some details and facts may be missing, this story truly tells of the end of a great era with the death of King Arhtur. Also, this story truly tells the greatness of Arthur, and how betrayal of a loved one is never a good path to follow.
By Emily Graven, Brady Hansen, and Andrew Vollmer
(The Battle of Camlann)
(Story Continued, Part 2)
(Story continued, Part 3)
Other Versions of the Story
Though there are a few different details of Arthur's Last Battle in different versions, all of the stories tell the same story. One story, for example, tells that Arthur WAS away in Europe, but he was actually at battle with either Emperor Lucius or Sir Lancelot. He still ended up going back to England to fight Mordred though. This version also claims that Mordred wasn't killed by Arthur during their duel, but was mortally wounded by him, and died after the battle.
Other Facts about the Battle
Again, there are different versions to how this battle literally started. Geoffrey of Monmouth's account is of a normal battle; Both sides lined up and then charged eachother in the name of King Arthur, or Mordred. A rather strange version though is when the battle is set of by misunderstanding. A knight is the one who makes the beginning of the battle a complete misunderstanding: He is bitten by an adder, which is a snake, so he draws his sword to kill the snake, and when others saw his drawn sword the battle resulted by mistake. Many people prefer the most common version, where it is Arhtur who starts the battle.
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