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Deciphering Your Boss's DaVinci Code

No description

Hector Escalante

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Deciphering Your Boss's DaVinci Code

Situation- Conflict- Resolution Model
"There's this project (vague details) I need you to complete soon. I don't have all the specifics. I just need you to do it my way. Can you do it?"
The Art of "Followership"
Be An Artist
Yes But How??
Deciphering Your
Boss's DaVinci Code


Provide you with insights and tools to better understand and support your supervisor
Make your job easier
This is Your Map
What if the Map Doesn't Make Sense?
To be a good leader, you first must learn to follow
Get to know your boss's triggers
Know when to listen and when to push back
Think the way your boss thinks and...
REALLY know your boss's communication style

Be an Effective Follower
Effective "Followership"
Timing is everything
What sets him/her off?
Anticipate his/her needs and requests
Make him/her look good
What is the "Code" we are trying to decipher?
The Goal?
What are the established roles?

How do you view my role?
What are the goals?

What is the end game?

What does success
look like to you?

Are the directions as clear as possible?
"So, what I'm hearing you say is that you'd like me to ...
What resources are available to me, and how do I access them?
Key Questions
Start by asking the right questions
What is the context?
What's the problem you are trying to solve?
Once situation and complication are clarified, work towards the resolution
When all else fails...be an artist
Create your own map
Create as many options as possible
Give gifts
Bring your genuine self to work every day
Give yourself permission to be a genius
See around corners
Watch for cues...
Your Boss's Style
Active Listening
Describe your boss's communication style
Ice-Breaker Free-Write:
What are your biggest challenges while working with your supervisor/s?
What are the biggest challenges of your current position?
Senn Delaney
Communicating with DRIVERS: They focus on results
Get to the point
Focus on end results
Don't waste time
Provide options
Provide overview, but be prepared with details
Be decisive and self-confident
Let them take the lead in the decision making
Communicating with Analyzers: They focus on data and facts
Avoid surprises
Be patient & be thorough
Be organized and avoid hype
Ask their help in finding facts
Minimize risks
Communicating with SUPPORTERS: They focus on relationships- they want to be understood and respected
Show sincere interest in them and their feelings
Be cooperative rather than pushy
Ask them about their concerns and ideas
Explore areas of disagreements gently
Be encouraging
Spend some time on relationship before jumping to task
Communicating with PROMOTERS: They thrive on excitement and new ideas, people, opportunities and projects
Explore mutually exciting opportunities
Let them do most of the talking
Avoid arguing; look for alternative solutions
Look at the big picture and avoid bogging down in details
Make your presentation stimulating and exciting
Be open to their new ideas
Approach Styles
What Does Your Boss Expect of You?
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