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Wiki Group Project

Brianna Lay

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Plot

Every Story is the Same Plot Definition of Plot Beginging Climax Falling action Resolution Plot is the journey
of the story... It takes you though what all of the characters
are going through and doing.... Be it good or bad. and learn what the
basic outline of a story is. Join me This is called the
of the plot. EXPOSITION The exposition can be anywhere from a
couple of chapters...
to just a couple of paragraphs. During the rising actions, many different things will take place. Stories don't often have just one conflict, and they often will go a little like this: And altho it will the actions go up and down, the conflicts will start to add up... And the tension will get larger and larger Until it eventual or

something can be solved.
cracks So you now know about the beginning of a story and the middle and turning point of a story.... Lets get to the ending parts of a story. The falling action is what will come after the climax. During this point, many actions will happen so that the story can wind down to a close and wrap up some loose ends that as a reader you have been trying to figure out. altho the falling action may be short the Resolution will most likely be even shorter. This is because the resolution can overlap with the falling action. resolutions happen throughout the book too. Resolution when the problems that have been building up and that crack at the climax come to an end is

called the
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