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New Mexico OutLaws

No description

Maacah Hickerson

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of New Mexico OutLaws

New Mexico Outlaws
By: Feliz, Maddison, and Maacah ~Billy the Kid~ ~Billy the Kid; notorious outlaw and hero in New Mexico. ~For four years Billy's record stated he had been involved in at least 16 shootouts. ~He was born at Henry McCarty on New York City's east side November 23, 1859. ~It was in 1877 when Billy the Kid killed his first man. ~In New Mexico he was known as Billy Bonnie who was fluent in Spanish and as a womanizer. ~Billy the kid was employed by a young English rancher by the name of John Tunstall. ~John, along with his two partners Alexander McSween and John Chisum, were involved with the Lincoln County Rage War.

~The Lincoln County War came to a bloody end during the 5-day Battle of Lincoln in mid-July.

~In December 1880, after two of his partners were and killed, Billy was captured at Stinking Springs by Sheriff Pat Garrett.
Apache Kid ~Apache kid was said to be the fiercest Apache next to Geronimo. Apache Kid was born on a reservation in San Carlos, Arizona in 1860’s
Apache Kid’s real name was Haskay-bay-nay-natyl which means “tall man destined to come to a mysterious end.”

Geronimo!!! ~Geronimo was born of the Bedonkohe Apache tribe in No-doyohn Canon, Arizona, June, 1829.
~In 1846, when he was seventeen, he was admitted to the Council of the Warriors, which allowed him to marry.
Pictures Bibliography Notorious outlaws and heros of New Mexico http://www.legendsofamerica.com/Notorious outlaws and heros of New Mexicona.html
Google images ~On July 14, Pat Garrett, together with two deputies, sat in a darkened bedroom at the Fort Sumner ranch home of Billy's friend, Pete Maxwell. Garrett was asking Maxwell about Billy's whereabouts when Billy, in his stocking feet, unexpectedly entered Maxwell's quarters, spotting, but not recognizing Garrett in the dim light. Billy was shot in the heart. ~Billy escaped unhurt, but with a price on his head, he surrendered in exchange for amnesty.
~ Billy soon formed another gang and took up cattle ~Apache Kid learned English at a very early age and worked odd jobs when he befriended the famous scout
Al Sieber. At the time the settlers of the southwest were facing a fair amount of raids from bands of Apaches. ~General George Cook decided it would be a good idea to fight Apache tribes with other Apache tribes. ~Across the border into U.S. territory which are now known as the states of New Mexico and Arizona. It was those Mexican adversaries that gave him the nickname of "Geronimo". ~The slaughter of his family that turned him from a peaceful Indian into a bold warrior. He joined a fierce band of Apache known as Chiricahua and with them, took part in numerous raids in northern Mexico.
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