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Desktop Virtualization as a Business Strategy

No description

Trevor Wilson

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Desktop Virtualization as a Business Strategy

Game Plan: Think Strategically Dramatic Transformation (before) (after) Legacy/Complex 800 difficult to maintain PC desktops and laptops Virtual/Simple 12 Citrix servers to maintainin central Data Center Wyse thin clients only / replaced all PC desktops simple update to Citrix farm servers
Small, tactical use of Citrix, poorly planned
and supported Strategic use of Citrix XenApp, now a staff core competency 3rd Party hardware support, expensive & time consuming Routers in remote locations, all servers in HQ datacenter Complex / difficult to manage remote access Simple / streamlined infrastructure 2 Servers at each remote location Multiple signons and passwords (many helpdesk calls ) Rationalized applications
inventory to 105 with assigned IT owners Multiple technology creating complexity Single signon, self service password resets Microsoft Server, Oracle, VMWare now core competencies Little control over software in organization 388 applications “inventory”, little or no “ownership” Total control over software through governance process (all apps on Citrix farm servers) "In 30+ years of being in IT this is the ONLY solution who reality IT Projects almost always end up being more costly, or time consuming, or less effective then origanially planned... "The 2010 CIO 100 Winners: Driving Future Business Growth with Technology Innovation"

"Amerisure ditches its PCs, goes all virtual"
-Network World Magazine

"Amerisure uses virtualization as a strategic technology, not a mere cost-cutter"
-Infoworld Magazine

"The Devilish Details of Desktop Virtualization"
CIO Magazine

"The Best CTO's of 2009: Jack Wilson"
-Infoworld Magazine

"Amerisure Makes PCs Disappear"

"More organizations virtualize computer stations, enabling users to access software remotely"
-Cleveland Crain's Business Ameisure featured articles Amerisure's strategic Virtualization Timeline 2006 exceeded my expectations"
Arduous application update process 2006........................2007........................2008........................2009........................2010........................2011........................ Traditional distributed desktop model. virtualized meeting faxed documents sent straight to recipients email. virtual fax paperless SERVER VIRTUALIZATION virtualized desktops simple, virtual
desktop environment virtual image virtualed all hard copy documents
All documents stored virtually and backed

Virtualized Notebbook replaced all laptops with thin client notebooks skipped PC refresh $1.9 million hard cost savings "Bring Your Own" Model Employees could work on any device Environment pre-built to support smartphones, tablet devices, etc. iPad solution before XenApp Instead of flying different members of staff from one location to another- meetings were held virtually.
Saving time, cost, and improving effeciency.

Virtual/Simple Legacy/Complex Legacy/Complex Virtual/Simple virtualized
phones employee's phone numbers could be forwarded to any phone device centralized and consolidated the server farm What would it mean to your clients to be able to access their business applications and data from “Anywhere, Anytime, from Any device”?
Opens up enormous business agility and touches everyone in the organization
How Comprehensive Strategic Virtualization transformed an enterprise and allowed IT to become a competitive advantage
(a strategic business, not exclusively a technical perspective)

Demonstrate, via the Amerisure Insurance case study, how a real organization made a major metamorphosis and is now reaping the benefits (reality not theory) of a Private Cloud
Goals of this PRESENTATION TELL THE STORY Organizational Issue:
How does IT finally become part of the integral fabrix of a business not just a cost center Not WIZARDS speaking a strange language IT needs to be viewsed as "Business Partners" Amerisure Story
We Had Layers of Technology Data center as "Archaeological Dig" "Nothing ever went away completely" "Anything new simply added additional layers" Amerisure's
layers of technology: The History of Computing Mainframe Midrange Computers Every Kind of Server Desktops &
Laptops The approach to accomodate unrelated technologies This has often created a nightmore infrastructure that in many ways "ties our hands" red flag Access limited to the office (little flexibility / mobility) staff "chained to desk"- limits ability to respond quickly technology did not match the business Amerisure Story Amerisure Story Amerisure Story Amerisure Story STRATEGIC ROADMAP Fast Settlers not Pioneers We use proven technologies with a creative, strategic "twist" 3 months in another organization's production environment Transition from "Complex/legacy" to "virtual/simple" Moving from complex to simple STRATEGIC ROADMAP We use proven technologies with a creative, strategic "twist" Complex & Legacy virtual & simple ...to where we needed to be Moving from where we were.. we'll steamline infrastructure
Remove layers of technology
Simplify remote
Centralize complex STRATEGIC ROADMAP SouthWest Airline Model STRATEGIC ROADMAP Reset the Cultural Mindset (IT just works) Change the cultural view from haveing a personal computer to a
(a business tool like a phone handset business device STRATEGIC ROADMAP
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