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session 3

No description

marian alphonse

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of session 3

Turning Effects of Forces (Moments) Centre of Gravity Definition:

The point through which its whole weight appears to act for any orientation of the object Centre of gravity depends on:

Distribution of density / weight

Regular shaped object - uniformed distribution
eg. "uniformed metre rule"

-> CG at geometrical centre How do we locate CG on an irregular shaped (non-uniformed density) object? Stability


The ability of an object to return to its original position after it has been tilted slightly. Stable Equilibrium

CG rises and then falls back again.

The line of action of the weight lies within the base area of object.

There is an anticlockwise moment of the weight about point of contact.
Unstable Equilibrium

CG falls and continues to fall further

The line of action of the weight lies outside of the base area of the object.

There is a clockwise moment of the weight about point of contact. Neutral Equilibrium

CG neither rises nor falls.

The line of action of the weight and reaction force always conincide.

There is no moment.
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