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Copy of Growing in the Spirit

No description

Errol Cayabyab

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Growing in the Spirit

3. Service

2. Study
5. Sacraments
Growing in the Spirit
Talk 10

1. Prayer
a. Faithful
-spend Time with the Lord
-decide on practical details
-adopt a format
b. led by the Holy Spirit
c. centered on relationship with Jesus
formation teachings and

4. Fellowship
serving together
coming together for teaching and formation
main channels of God's grace for our lives
Spiritual readings
The Baptism is only the beginning of new life.
We need to grow in this new life in the Spirit.
Principles of a successful Prayer Life
Through Study we get to know God more and understand His ways.
ways we can serve
way we live
perform basic responsibilities God has given
service to the community
becoming a witness of faith in Jesus
by making ourselves and our resources available for God's works
is almost everything that Christians do together as a body.
worship in liturgies, prayer meetings and conferences
We are "babies in Christ" and we need to grow.
Make use of the tools provided by God.
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