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Major Works

No description

Natalie Bonamassa

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Major Works

Publius Terentius Afer (Terence)
Major Works
Andria (The Andrian Girl)-166 BC
Hecyra (The Mother-in-Law)-165 BC
Heauton timoroumenos (The Self-Tormentor)-163 BC
Eunuchus (The Eunuch)- 161 BC
Phormio - 161 BC
Adelphi or Adelphoe (The Brothers)- 160 BC
Said to be born around 195-185 B.C. in Carthage, North Africa
Brought to Rome as a slave
Educated like a free man in the house of Terentius Lucanus
Eventually set free
Took his master's name Terentius
Became known as Publius Terentius Afer
Afer means he was not a Phoenician by blood
Enjoyed being around older men who had offical positions and who had higher education
Died in 159 B.C. in Greece or at sea
Pamphilus, son of Laches and (wife) Sostra, is in love with a prostitute, Bacchis.
Gets drunk one night and rapes a girl, Philumena, daughter of Phidippus and Myrrhina
Steals a ring from Philumena and gives it to Bacchis
After debating, Pamphilus agrees to an arranged marriage.
The women chosen for him is Philumena
didnt know he was the man who raped her
After they get married, Bacchis rejects Pamphilus
After time Pamphilus loves Philumena
Pamphilus called away from city
While away, Philumena finds she is pregnant from the rape
Pamphilus returns home during the birth of the baby
great distress
refused to take back Philumena
Stolen ring is discovered on Bacchis's finger
Pamphium realizes the baby is his
takes back his wife and new son
History During Terence's Time
Despite Terence being from Carthage he was educated in Rome
learned Latin
Wrote plays that were similar to Greek plays (some believed he copied)
difference was his were in Latin
Did not have to speak Greek to understand the plays now
one of the first people to do that
That is why there are a lot of similarities between Roman and Greek culture
It is interesting how comedy has changed from then to now. Reading through Terence's plays we did not find them funny but to people from his time they were.
No documents talking about who Terence associated with.
too early in history
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