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The Five Themes of Geography and How They Relate To ME

The 5 themes of geography and how they relate to me

N Cheng

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Geography and How They Relate To ME

The Five Themes of Geography Movement Human Environment Interaction Region Place Location Theme 1 Relative Absolute Every weekday I move to school in a vehicle such as a school bus. Every day I ride the bus to school.
This is an example of how I move. My family owns a minivan to drive my family around. Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 My family goes of vacations. on a lot This is another example of human movement. My address is an example of an absolute location. This is a final example of human movement. My mom often cooks chinese food.
This is an example of how ideas (in this case recipes) move. My school is located on 2056 Susquehanna Rd, Abington, PA, 19001 The city of Philadelphia is 39º 96' N, 75º 16' W.
The latitude and longitude is a final example of an absolute location. I love to read! When people ask me, "where is the library?" I answer-
down the street from the hospital and next to the church.
This is an example of relative location. My house is about 10 minutes from the school. This is another example of relative location. http://fido.fi.ncsu.edu/music/education/PeopleMove.mp3 In Philadelphia, the liberty bell is a symbol of our freedom. I often visit it. Since only Philadelphia has this, it is an example of the theme of place. I live in Philadelphia which is famous for its LOVE sign as the city is dubbed the city of brotherly love. This is another example of the theme of place. Human Physical In Pennslyvania, we have the Pocono Mountains which are an example of physical features in Pennslvania.
Sometimes my family goes skiing and snowtubing there. In Abington, something that makes our township physically unique are our many hills that go up and down. The east coast of Philadelphia, where I live, is classified as the Atlantic Coastal Region. Sometimes my family goes to the beach to swim and skimboard. The Atlantic Coastal Region is a physical region. Most of my belongings were made in China. This shows how goods move from other countries to the USA. An example of how I adapt to the environment is when I put on sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun. In this way I adapt to nature/environment. . Oh no! The sunscreen cap came off. Another way I adapt is by dressing warmly during the winter months. Whenever I go somewhere, I usually get in the car. Since the car runs on gasoline, it pollutes the environment. This is an example of how I change the environment. Another way I change the environment is by growing a garden. Every year we grow a garden. This changes the atmosphere of our backyard. A final way I change our environment is by fishing. However I don't change the environment much as I only catch 2 or 3 fish a year. The End By N Cheng I often visit the liberty bell which is in Philadelphia. It is a symbol of freedom. I hope no one cracks it again! This is an example of the theme of place. Made in China Isn't everything made here? Isn't everything made here? Movement, Location, Place, Region and Human Environment Interaction How did it get there? (People, Ideas, and Goods) Where is it? (Absolute and Relative) What is it like there? (Human and Physical Features) What patterns exist? What do these places have in common? (Physical, Cultural, and Political) How do people and their surroundings affect each other? (Adapt, Change, and Depend)
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