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No description

Almar Klein

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Yoton

... of any topology Create a small network A context routes messages A message send from one context arrives at each context in the network channel pub: stdout This here is a publish channel (pub). It sends messages.
Channels are associated with a slot (a string name).
Messages send from a publish-channel at slot "stdout" .... Channels are "attached" to a context sub: stdout
... are received by all subscribe-channels with slot "stdout". req: info In addition to the publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging pattern, yoton also provides the request/reply (req/rep) pattern.

A message (i.e. request) send from a req-channel at slot "info"... rep: info ... is replied by a rep-channel at slot "info". Contexts with no channels
serve only for routing. Messages are send and received by channels You can connect two contexts Yoton Yoton is a lightweight pure Python package providing a simple interface to communicate between two or more processes. The heart of yoton lies at the context A context represents a node in a network
One context can connect to one or more other contexts (via TCP/IP)
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