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The 8 Traits for a Modern Day Hero

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Christian Tran

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The 8 Traits for a Modern Day Hero

The 8 Traits

for a Modern

Day Hero

image: http://letsnottalkaboutmovies.blogspot.com/2011/07/captain-america-first-avenger.html
image: http://www.igeektrooper.com/2011/02/captain-america-teaser/
image: http://www.movieweb.com/news/marvels-the-avengers-may-be-developed-as-a-tv-series-for-abc
Modern Day Hero: Captain America
Steve Rogers was born on July 4, 1920. "Steve Rogers was a scrawny fine arts student growing up during the Great Depression. His alcoholic father died when Steve was a child, and his mother passed away from pneumonia after he graduated high school...Rebirth, a project intended to enhance US soldiers to the height of physical perfection via the inventions and discoveries of Professor Abraham Erskine. Rogers eagerly accepted and became the first test subject" (http://marvel.com/universe/Captain_America_(Steve_Rogers)
The 8 traits of an epic hero are:
The hero has supernatural abilities
The hero goes on a quest
The hero gets tested
The hero receives help
The hero goes to mythical realms
The hero's low point
The hero has resurrection
The hero returns to their rightful place
Steve Rogers shows to everybody that he has all the 8 traits even though he was a small and scrawny at first. Most people thought that he would not amount to anything, but he soon proved all of them wrong.

image: www.geekgeneration.net
Trait 1: Supernatural Ability
Captain America has many different abilities. Those including:
Super Strength
Very Intelligent
Very Brave
All of these and more help him whenever he is fighting to save the world.
image: http://wallpaperswide.com/captain_america_the_first_avenger-wallpapers.html
Trait 2: Quest
His main quest from
Captain America The First Avenger
was to first save America from the Germans. The Germans were planning to attack Allied countries because the time period for this movie is when World War II was happening.
image: www.blackfilm.com
Trait 3: Gets Tested
Throughout the movie Steve Rogers gets tested many times. Those including:
When he is in boot camp and he shows that he has bravery and intelligence making him a great subject for the experiment.
He gets tested another time when he goes to save the POW's from Hydra. By doing this he shows that he has the bravery to go in alone, no man left behind, and to always have faith.
Another test he faces is when he defeats Hydra and he is faced with either letting all of New York die, or sacrifice himself to save New York.

image: ccpopculture.com
Trait 4: Receives Help
Captain America receives help from many people. Some of them are:
The Avengers
The Howling Commandos
Peggy Carter
Dr. Abraham Erskine
image: www.gamona.de
Trait 5: Mythical Realm
Captain America has gone to many places while he is protecting the world. The realm that he goes to is the modern day world. This is the mythical realm because it is a new, strange, and a very different place then what he is used to living in, which is the 1940's.
Trait 6: Low Point
Trait 7: Resurrection
Captain America's resurrection was after he went through the experiment. At first he was a short and scrawny man with health issues that kept him from joining the military. Dr. Abraham Erskine saw what he was doing and thought he would be the perfect test subject. After going through boot camp he showed that he was the perfect subject. Dr. Erskine was looking for what's inside the person not the physical. After the experiment, he became taller, stronger, and free of health problems. He is now known as Captain America.
Trait 8: Return to their Rightful Place
After waking up from his 70 year cryogenic sleep, he wakes up in modern day New York. After adjusting to the new world he started doing what he normally does which is saving the world. He soon came to his rightful place on The Avengers. He is also known as the First Avenger.
From what has been seen, Captain America is a modern day hero. He shows all the traits of a hero that many people look for on a heroic figure. His strength, intelligence, bravery, and fearlessness gives him the ability to do things that normal people can't do. His quest is to protect the world from threats like Hydra and the Chitauri, the alien race that tried to conquer Earth in
The Avengers
. He gets tested many times like: boot camp, the POW rescue mission, and either let New York be destroyed or sacrifice himself. Like most heroes Captain America has many partners/sidekicks/companions that help him in battle or help him find out who he really is in the new world. He does travel to many places like Germany and Antarctica, but his mythical realm is the modern world. Along with being a hero, there must be a low point and his low point was during the Superhero Civil War. He was winning the battle but he surrendered because he was harming the people he swore to protect. His resurrection moment was after he went through with the experiment. He was small and skinny, but after
the procedure he became taller, stronger, and rejuvenated.
Finally, he returns to he rightful place on the Avengers.
Captain America always had his traits like: his courage,
bravery, intelligence, faith, and his ability never give up.
By reading, watching, or playing Captain America, it
teaches us to conquer our fears, never give up on one
another, be brave, fight for what you believe in, and never
lose faith.

image: http://wall.alphacoders.com/by_sub_category.php?id=163524&page=2
Like any other person, Steve Rogers is a regular human being, but after the experiment he had all of his abilities enhanced and any health issues gone. Now he is not a regular soldier anymore, he is now a Super Soldier.
After saving his old friend Bucky and the rest of the POW's, he must now save the world from the wrath of Hydra. He found out that Hydra was planning to attack the world with his new super weapons.
After waking up in the new world he must continue to protect the world. Not from Hydra, but other threats.
image: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2011/08/03/Brandcameo-080111-Cowboys-Aliens.aspx
image: http://bigfanboy.com/wp/?p=10457
image: http://www.comicvine.com/captain-america/4005-1442/
One of Captain America's lowest points was during the Super Hero Civil War. The Super-Human Registration Act, this law means that all superheros must submit to the federal government and become government operatives, was passed after hundreds of school kids were killed in a superhero battle. Captain America was against this act because he believed in the freedom for super-humans. Captain America led the anti-registration faction, while Tony Stark, Iron Man, led the pro-registration faction. Captain America and the anti-registration faction, A.R.F., were all considered criminals. Eventually Captain America was able to match Iron Man and they soon confronted each other. During the battle Captain America was winning, but he realized he was endangering the people he swore to protect. "We're not fighting for the
people anymore. We're just...fighting.' he said
tearfully, surrendering even as he was about to
win" Soon, several different versions of the
Avengers were made or re-formed. For example
the Mighty Avengers, the New Avengers, and the
Secret Avengers.

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