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Unit 3: Political Parties, Interest Groups & Mass Media

Vocabulary words for chapters 6-9

Maya Rose

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Unit 3: Political Parties, Interest Groups & Mass Media

Unit 3: Political Parties, Interst Groups & Mass Media Chapter 6-Political Parties Dealighnment Political Parties Democratic Party
Republican Party The Winner-Take-All System "Era of Good Feeling" The Whig Party Divided Government Gridlock Proportional Representation Minor Parties Populist Party Straight Ticket Ticket Splitting Grass Roots Organization ...are Linkage Institutions opposite of... laissez-faire McGovern-Fraser Commision Roosevelt Coalition Development of the Parties Realignment Era of Divided Government Chapter 7-Elections & Campaigns Campaign & Election Reform Campaign Reform Act of 1974 Buckley vs. Valeo (1976) Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002
(A.K.A. McCain-Feingold Act) Primaries Blanket Primaries Closed Primaries Open Primaries General Elections General Election Coattail Effect Presidential Debates Soft money Caucuses Critical Realigning Election Frontloading PACs Plurality Single-member Districts Committees formed by... Interest Groups Misc. Chapter 8-Interest Groups Agriculture Groups Business Groups Economic Groups Public Interest Groups Professional Groups Theories Pluralist Theory Hyperpluralist Theory Types of Membership Individual Interests Institutional Interests The Union Shop Lobbying Electioneering Litigation Amicus Curiae How Interest Groups Work The "Ratings Game" Where Do Interest Groups
Get Their Money? Foundation Grants Federal Grants & Contracts Direct Solicitation "Revolving Door" Free Rider Problem Class Action Lawsuits Misc. Chapter 9-Mass Media
(A.K.A. "Fourth Branch") Federal Communications Commision (FCC) Equal Time Rule Fairness Doctrine Government Regulation of the Media Prior Restraint The Media & Politics White House Press Corps Press Secretary In charge of Right of Reply Confidentiality of Sources Telecommunications Act of 1996 Policy Agenda Agenda Setting Blogs Narrowcasting Structure & Functions
of the Media Sound Bites
Trial Balloon
Spin Doctor Misc.
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