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Alex Bianchi

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Science

The Fault In Our Stars
Julius Caesar
In the text, How To Succeed, Kewuana demonstrates an inspiring use of
as she brought her GPA up to acceptable standards, despite her severely inadequate freshman and Sophomore year grades. Kewuana had the odds stacked against her but she refused to let the burden of her initial low grades deter her from getting into the college of her dreams. We believe that using correct or at least promising medical technology and having resilient leaders can result in an effective method of prolonging life.
The Power of Language
Science in Literature
Nelson Mandela
-Nelson Mandela died in 2013 from a prolonged respiratory infection.
-He was a great person who made many contributions to society.
- Through his incredible activism and unrelenting passion to end racial segregation in South Africa, Mandela worked together with other activists to abolish apartheid, paving the way for true equality in his homeland, and setting a better example of justice for the entire world as well.

Causes of Death and Possible Breakthroughs
"Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) were responsible for 68% (38 million) of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% (31 million) in 2000. Cardiovascular diseases alone killed 2.6 million more people in 2012 than in the year 2000...The 4 main NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases." -World Health Organization
"How To Succeed"
Trait that enables heroes-
. If we could prolong the lives of great leaders (Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, etc.) they could have influenced the world with their unique knowledge much more than they could have in their lifetimes.

Testing Verbs
Literary Devices
Persuasive Writing
Main Idea
Works Cited-
"We call upon all our people to gather... reflecting on the life of Madiba and his contribution to our country and world."
-Jacob Zuma
By Alex Bianchi, PJ Bernstein, Megan Bonner, Brandon Makovicka
-Currently researchers are working on reprogramming cells to grow into working organs once injected into the patient.
-Successful tests in growing healthy organs have been conducted on mice and are expected to be safe for human testing within the next decade or two.
-Growing organs would solve the problem of having a lack of donors.
"The Top 10 Causes of Death." WHO. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Sept. 2014.
"South Africa's Nelson Mandela dies in Joannesburg." BBC News Africa. 5 Dec. 2013.

Web. 12 Sep. 2014. <http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-25249520>

Leadership Principles
When presenting our ideas to the public we will appeal to their emotional side by bringing up how so many people's loved ones could still be alive today (within reason) if research to expand human life had begun years ago. we will also bring up famous actors and humanitarians that are well known to the public that have passed away and can no longer bring joy and wisdom into peoples' lives.
We will also need to post ideas that will convince our audiences (scientists, general public, etc.) on a logical level. We will suggest that an effective method to elongate life has so many applications to the scientific field, as well as the glaringly obvious possibility to keep our countries best leaders alive and well to assist us in the foreseeable future.
To establish the credibility of the idea we will reference all of the past research about life expansion and explain to scientists in the medical field that with the right motivation and methods, they will have an excellent chance of creating a reliable method to prolong life
"Scientists Hail Creation of Working Organ Made from Laboratory

Cells." The Guardian. Guardian News and Media Limited, 24

Aug. 2014. Web. 15 Sept. 2014. <http%3A%2F



"'The Fault in Our Stars' Gets Internet Buzz for 'cigarette as

a Metaphor' Scene." Examiner.com. N.p., 15 Apr. 2014. Web. 15

Sept. 2014.
-Persuasive Writing
-Main Idea
Life and death coexist with each other.
Experiencing the glories of life are often balanced out by the deaths that we witness of loved ones. Death comes about in many different forms, whether it be disease, accidents or even intentional killings, it seems to be inevitable. Regardless, it can be nearly certain that by appealing to those who know of death's cruelty, they will
with the strive of scientists to extend the lives of those who were taken in their prime or simply were not given enough time.
In research regarding our objective, it is crucial
that the great thinkers of the world are able to
and target what key methods will lead to a promising solution to leading to prolonged life. By targeting, we can collect data quickly and efficiently. Whether it be the controversial stem-cell research that is currently taking place or better medical procedures that can help cure those in deaths grip, narrowing the research brings us closer to an answer.
this factor will lead to a new generation of healthy wise humans.
Due to the constant medical breakthroughs
in the science community, it can be
the task of prolonging life is an attainable goal which we should invest our resources into gaining more findings. The task of prolonging life as already been achieved on smaller scales with the creation of antibiotics by Alexander Fleming. His contribution was crucial to soldiers during World War II who could have died in higher numbers from bacteria or infection if it was not for antibiotics. Other medical breakthroughs have occurred and we believe that public approval of these pursuits would allow for investors and government grants to reach our goal.
Persuasive writing
would be incorporated
into our topic by using irrefutable arguments with sufficient medical data to back it up in order to help persuade those opposed to our goal.
In history, there has been a plethora
of well known figures that died due to disease,
accidents, or intentional reasons. In one case, Nelson
Mandela was one of those people. By using
that are based on his amazing accomplishments and struggles, this will only strengthen our point that great people such as Nelson died sooner due to some sort of factor. Additionally, it will help gain support that having the ability to expand the lives of wise people would be a worthy cause as they would be able to continue to give us their knowledge.
Why can we not live longer lives?
We wish to increase the longevity of the human life without there being negative influences from mentally decaying or physically decaying diseases, intentional harm or other age related illnesses.
main idea
of our objective is to allow those
who were stripped of their lives at early ages or had great
knowledge to bestow upon us can continue to do so in the future with other situations similar to theirs. Whether it be a young cancer patient such as Augustus or a highly intelligent individual such as Nelson Mandela who can improve the aspects of society, we want these people to live longer.
Role of Fate v. Control of Destiny
Caesar's life was drastically cut short during his prime
as a military leader in Rome. Unfortunately, it will never be known what Caesar could have achieved as a great leader considering his wisdom in military dominance. Caesar clearly did not reach his full potential much like the situation regarding Augustus Waters. Augustus simply wanted to be remembered after he died and he wished to achieve greatness during his lifetime, however, his life was also cut short and the wonderful caring individual that Hazel and others loved dearly was taken from them. Augustus did achieve his goal of being remembered but not to the extent he had wished. This displays both character's lack of capability to control their destiny as they had originally wished. In addition, this connects to our overall objective of longevity by giving prime examples of people who pertained certain capacities which they wish to bestow on the world but were not able to due to their shortened lives. This does bring into questions whether we would be manipulating the factors of fate by attempting to extend lives.
Mrs. Mobley

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