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Anthem by Ayn Rand

No description

Makayla Reed

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthem by Ayn Rand

A prezi by MaKayla Reed Characters Equality 7-2521: The story's protagonist. He is a street sweeper who has individualistic views. He renames himself Prometheus after he leaves the city. He is a dynamic and round character. Setting This novella is set in the future in an unknown city that is ruled by collectivists. Modern inventions, such as electricity, have been outlawed and forgotten. The Golden One (Liberty 5-3000): A beautiful peasant who Equality falls in love with. She shares Equality's views and desires to serve him. Equality renames her Gaea. She is a flat and static character. International 4-8818: Equality's only friend. He discovers the tunnel with Equality and joins him there once, but he is too afraid of breaking the law to return. He secretly wishes to leave the collective society. He's a dynamic and round character. Collective 0-0009: The head of the World Council of Scholars. He condemns Equality for going against society. He represents the collectivists and is the story's protagonist. He is a flat and static character. Conflicts The main conflict in Anthem is one of man vs. society. Equality and his friends wish to be individuals, but they are forced to be part of the collective "we."
A conflict of man vs. self exists in International 4-8818. He struggles because he wishes to be an individual like Equality, but is afraid to break the law. Theme This book focuses on the importance of the individual and independent thinking. It exemplifies Ayn Rand's philosophy of objectivism. Genre & Audience Anthem is a piece of dystopian fiction directed toward intellectuals and adults/young adults. Critique Anthem is well written, poetic, and flows smoothly. It makes you think and presents Raynd's philosophy in an interesting, easily understood way. My Recommendation I think you should read this book because it will give you insight about collective societies and help you appreciate the freedom you have. It's also a very entertaining book.
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