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BUS130 Social Cafe Marketing Plan

Bus130 into to marketing plan for the social cafe app, a fictional product.

Jacob Jett

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of BUS130 Social Cafe Marketing Plan

Product Introduction The
Social Café Current Trends Market Needs Competitors/Key Players The
P's Product Price Place Promotion Target Market Environmental Factors Simplicity! >"Convenient Communication" positioning

>Easier solution for managing social media connections than stand alone apps

>Makes it easier to stay in touch with friends, family, and communities with various social media tastes >Status Quo Pricing

>Cost: Free lite version with ads or $1.99 without ads. Pay version helps cover production costs

>Competitor's apps are often free with pay versions available

>Goal: Match competitors, but pull ahead as the "One-Stop-Shop" for all social media needs >Available virtually directly or through wholesalers

>Offered in app stores and homepage

>Simple system of tracking downloads

>Opportunity for non-virtual app distribution at PR events.

>No Brick and Mortar to keep overhead down >Objective: Spread knowledge of new social media software, using paid and unpaid mediums

>Align all promotional activities via IMC

>Offer events in target areas which highlight the desired brand positioning

>Train all brand ambassadors to withhold the brand standards

>Influence brand awareness on various social media outlets. Promotional Mix Advertising:
-OOH Public Relations
-Events Sales Promotions
-Event deals Personal Selling
-Customer service >Technology-Based

>Organizes social media networking

>Many outlets - One interface >Technology



>Social/Cultural >Primary: Adolescents with social media access

>Secondary: College aged young adults

>Tertiary: "Empty Nesters" #THANKS
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