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The water that is beneath Earth's surface

Zach Wheeler

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Groundwater

Groundwater Water Beneath the Surface Properties of Aquifers Zones of Aquifers Gravity pulls water down through soil and rock layers until water reaches impermeable rock. A body of rock or sediment in which large amounts of water can flow and be stored is called an aquifer. Porosity is the percentage of the rock sediment that consists of open spaces. Permeability is the ease in which water passes through a porous materal. Loosely packed particles leave many open spaces that can store water, so the rock has high porosity. The zone that lies between the water table and the Earth's surface is called the zone of aeration. Groundwater and Chemical Weathering By: Zach
Citrus High School Results of Weathering by Groundwater As water moves through soil and other organic materials, water combines with carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid A cavern is a large cave that may consist of many smaller connecting chambers Sinkholes are a circular depression that forms at the surface when rock dissolves Natural Bridges are when the roof of a cavern collapses in several places Karst Topography Irregular topography caused by the chemical weathering of limestone or other soluble rock by groundwater
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