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La France!

No description

Hannah Barfoot

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of La France!

La France!
La France....
Population: 65,000,000 approximately (In 2011)
France's major religions: 85% Roman Catholic, 8% Muslim, 2% Protestant, 1% Jewish, 1% Buddhist, 4% Unaffiliated.
Major Ethnic groups: 92% French, 8% Immigrants.
The Euro is the basic currency.
French paper often features Famous Artist and Writers.
France's Chief agricultural products include: Wine, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Barley and Wheat.
Land and climate...
Bordering countries:
L' Italie
La Suisse
L' Allemagne
La Belqique
Le Luxemberg
La principaute of Manaco
L' Andorra
Major moutain ranges...
Les Pyrenees separates France from Spain. The small country of Andorra is contained entirely in it's mountain range.
Les Alps separate France from Italy and Switzerland and Contain France's tallest mountain Mont Blanc, a popular ski destination that is 4,808 meters tall.
La Seine begins near Dijon and flows through Paris to Normandy and empties into the English channel; the most important
river in terms of commercial transportation and the most easily navigable of France's major rivers.
The TGV or Train a grande vitesse travels at speeds up to 300 km/h.
The French subway system is called le Metro.
Travelling between London and Paris takes three hours and the train spends 35 minutes in a tunnel under the english channel

French students begin studying a second language at age 9 and a third language at age 13. The most commonly studied foreign language is English.Spanish and German are the most next studied foreign language.
The most popular sport in France is soccer, while some of the most popular individual sports are cycling, tennis, fishing, hiking, skiing, and sailing.
Most French businesses and shops are closed during the month of August while most French people take a vacation.
France's national holiday is called Bastille day and celebrates the storming of ¨Bastille prison¨ at the beginning of the french revolution.
Capital: Paris
Official language: Le Français
National anthem: La Marseillaise
Flag coulors:bleu, blanc et rouge
National motto: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite,
(English) Liberty, Equality, Faternity.
Official symbol: Fleur de lys.
Form of Government: Parliamentary democracy- Currently
the 5th republic.
The current president: Francois Hollande
Political subdivisions: 22 Regions/ 96 Departments.

Major Rivers....
Fun facts...
There is a Victor Hugo street in every town
in France.

The word 'Salut'
Means both 'Hello"
and 'Goodbye' in French.
French film production
is the second in the world.
Wearing a white wedding
dress has been a French tradition since 1499.
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