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Abraham Lincoln

No description

Terry Kawi

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

-His height of career was when he was preserving the Union during the Civil War.
Henry Bacon (1866–1924). French was already famous for his Minute Man (1884) statue in Concord, Massachusetts. 60 feet from floor to ceiling.
-cause of reputation= his death
-people saw Lincoln as a humorous man, as well as distinct , for he was tall and lanky
-his assassination made people realize how important he was and that it was he who helped them
-Lincoln had great humor, sympathetic personality, intellectual etc. which drew him to others

Marriage and Children
-When Lincoln first moved to New Salem, he met and found his first interest which was a young lady named Ann Rutledge. Sadly, she died on August 25, 1835 due to typhoid fever at just 22 years old.
-In 1840, he was engaged to Mary Todd whose family was in the business of wealthy slave-holding in Lexington, Kentucky. They were finally married on November 1842
-His children: Robert Todd 1843, Edward Baker Lincoln (Eddie) 1846- February 1, 1850, Willie Lincoln1850-1862, Thomas (Tad) Lincoln 1853-1871

-As a preteen, he did not like hard labor so he was considered lazy,but when he was a teen, he grew responsible for all his chores
-Lincoln and his partner bought a small store on credit. Even though business was booming, they did not have much of a revenue. After he sold his share, he joined political services and gathered local crowds
-Lincoln served as captain during the Black Hawk War
Born: Feb 12, 1809, second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln, was
born into a poor family in a one room log cabin in Kentucky (LaRue County). Lincoln
was assassinated on April 1865.
-Thomas Lincoln was among the richest men in the county that worked on country slave
patrols, and guarded prisoners. By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned two
600-acre farms, several town lots, livestock and horses. However, in 1816, Thomas lost
all of his land and mostly everything else he had own in court cases because of faulty property
titles. (Wikipedia)
-Nancy, Lincoln's mother, died due to milk sickness in 1818. After
her death, Lincoln's older sister Sarah took care of him until his father remarried in 1819
-The family frequently attended Separate Baptists Church which opposed drugs, dancing, and slavery

-Conflict arose between the free North and slave-holding South after Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. But despite all this, he tried his best to lead the Union to victory.
-He played an important role, for his actions made the Thirteenth Amendment, which ended slavery in America
-He was self-taught in military affairs, so
he knew it was more significant to destroy the enemy's armies,
rather than to capture the Confederate's capital
-In the autumn of 1862, following the Battle of Antietam: he announced his Emancipation Proclamation, which gave freedom to slaves.
In his speech, Gettysburg Address(1863), he redefined the
Civil War not just a struggle for the Union but also for the principle for human equality
-Lincoln grew close to his stepmother as he called her "Mother".
-He grew distant from his father, much due to his father's lack of education
-He also served as a New Salem's postmaster, a county surveyor(public official), and then as a lawyer
-"I studied with nobody," he stated as he taught himself law, though he later began to practice law under John T. Stuart (Mary Todd's cousin)
1846: elected into U.S. House of Representatives as he was the only Whig in the Illinois delegation
-He was a self-educated man as most of
his knowledge came from books
-Lincoln's teachers were Andrew Crawford, Azel W. Dorsey, and a man known as Sweeney. There was no ready-made school year because
students went to school whenever the teacher was available.
-His sister encouraged him to write as he wrote poems when he was tired of math
5 dollar bill
-Lincoln's face was carved on Mount Rushmore
He has many national park
historic sites dedicated to
him such as the Abraham Lincoln National Historic Site
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