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Information Confidentiality and Privacy

No description

Linda Batch

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Information Confidentiality and Privacy

Information Confidentiality and Privacy
Strategic plans, trade secrets, cost information, legal documents, process improvement

Preserving confidentiality of this intellectual property can be vital to the corporation's competitive advantage
Privacy is similar to confidentiality however,

It pertains specifically to protecting personal information about customers (rather than organizational data).

It is a legal requirement.

The controls that must be implemented are similar to confidentiality - classification of information, encryption, access control, and training.
Confidentiality and Privacy
key pillars in the Trust Services Framework

Chapter 9
Accounting Information Systems 12th Edition
Romney and Steinbart

In this Presentation we cover Confidentiality and Privacy
Trust Services Framework
Using your textbook, identify the steps in the encryption process:
Digital Signatures
Nonrepudiation - how to create legally binding agreements that cannot be unilaterally repudiated by either party.
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Encrypts information as it traverses the internet.

Creates private communication channels which are accessible only to those possessing the encryption and decrytpion keys.
In the last presentation we covered systems security
To ensure confidentiality the company should take the following steps:

1. identify and classify the information to be preserved.
2. encrypt sensitive information
3. control access to sensitive information
4. train employees on confidentiality
Spam and Identify theft are privacy concerns.

There are Privacy Regulations and Generally Accepted Privacy Principles.
What are the three factors that influence encryption strength?
What are three different types of encryption?
Explain how hashing supports nonrepudiation.
What is a public key infrastructure (PKI)?
What is a digital certificate?
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