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Minecraft By:Landon

No description

Library Media

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft By:Landon

Blocks are things you can place in Minecraft. Some blocks are dirt,grass,cobblestone,stone and obsidian! There are many more kinds of blocks!
You can mine stone with a pickaxe. Cobblestone can be used to make roads and upgrade any tool like a sword or pickaxe! Nine blocks of cobblestone can make a furnace! If you get wood or coal you can put it in the bottom of the furnace.If you put cobblestone on the top of the furnace it will bake the cobblestone into stone! You can build houses out of stone and cobblestone!
Redstone is power in Minecraft.Redstone wire can power pressure plates and Redstone repeaters and buttons and levers! Redstone is very important!With out Redstone we couldent power things! We could not power levers, pressure plates or Redstone repeaters or buttons and we could not power Redstone lamps!
Image by Tom Mooring
Minecraft By:Landon F. and Matthew Walton
wood and wooden planks
Wood is very important. It is on the most important things! You could not get cobblestone because you could not make a wooden pickaxe! Wood can be crafted and when it is crafted in your inventory or a craftingtable it is turned into wooden planks!wooden planks can be used to craft tools and cool stuff!


Dirt can be helpful. You can farm with dirt. You can use a hoe to farm in the dirt. You can plant wheat seeds and wheat grows!Wheat can make bread from a craftingtable. You can farm in grass too! You can make watermelons by placing watermelon seeds and wait a few Minecraft days and the watermelon seed turns into a stem! Wait a few more minutes and watermelons grow next to the stem! Grass and dirt can be used in the same way for some stuff and they can do different things too!
Stone and Cobblestone
Ingots are ores that are smelted. Ingots can be made into any tool if you have a craftingtable. There are lots of ores like redstone ore,iron ore,gold,ore,coal ore,emerald ore and even diamond ore! redstone ore can glow when you mine it.coal ore gives you coal that can be used to light furnaces! Emerald ore is mostly found under lava and if you mine it, it will give you a few emeralds! Iron ore gives you iron ore when you mine it! you can bake it in a furnace if there is wood,coal or some type of fuel in the bottom of the furnace and it turns to a iron ingot! Diamond ore can give diamonds if you mine it!
Ingots and ores
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