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Janie Face to Face

No description

edward hurley

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Janie Face to Face

Janie Face to Face
Main Character
Outer wants--to be accepted for who she is socially, forget her past kidnapping, and what the media has done to her life.
Log Line:
-First Book: Describes her life in Connecticut and realization that she was the little girl whose photo is on a milk carton intended to find missing children.
-Second book: Describes her meeting with her real New Jersey family.
-Third book: Her boyfriend, Reeve, shares her kidnapping story over his college's radio.
-Fourth book: She confronts her father about the money he sends Hannah.
-Fifth book: Hannah is caught. Janie is finally happy and feels accepted.
"And they kissed one more time, the cameras clicked, and Janie Johnson vanished for good." (page 340)
Young Adult: Mostly Teen Girls
Inner Wants--to be loved by both sets of parents and siblings, as well as Reeve. Also, to understand who she truly is post-kidnap.
Janie Johnson:
"The woman who had once been Hannah barely remembered that day in New Jersey." (page 1)
Dialogue: Brendan and Stephen
"A bestseller" said Brendan.
"Yeah, but I'm wondering if somebody else is behind the whole project. One of us."
"I'm wondering the same thing. Can't be Janie. All she wants to do is marry Reeve and live happily ever after. Can't be Jodie. All she wants is to save the world. Can't be you. All you want is to drill down inside the earth." (page 224)
--Few tags used, mostly in the beginning of the dialogue.
Book begins with Hannah having a flashback about the kidnapping in New Jersey.
-The story revolves around subplots within the characters' personal lives (e.g. Brendan's college baseball experiences).
-Most chapters are cliffhangers that get you to keep reading. Each chapter tells pieces of the story through each main character's point of view.
-The narrator is third person omniscient.
Hero Quest
1. Hero identified: The beginning of the novel discusses Janie's life, her past, and her kidnapping that happened when she was three years old.
The obstacles: She must stop a man named Calvin Vinsette from learning the information about how life so he will not create a crime genre book out of her horrific past. Also, to get married in only a few weeks.
2. Hero comes up short: She becomes friends with one of Calvin's interviewers whom she thought just wanted to date her. Later in the novel, Hannah goes to her family's new home to have revenge on her family and Janie for "ruining her life" and "stealing her them from her."
3. Hero fights back: She cast the interviewer (Victor) out her life and tells him never to bother her or her family again. As Hannah goes to her parents' Connecticut home (Hannah's/Janie's surrogate parents) she riffles through the house and is caught by the police. As Hannah is being caught, Janie and her family are in New Jersey where she has just married Reeve.
"He emailed the photographs and video to Janie. She was at the gate, she texted back, surrounded by well-wishers.
Reeve sat on a metal bench and emailed practically everybody whose number was stored on his phone. He didn’t write any messages. He attached the pictures and let them speak for themselves.
Then he uploaded everything to Facebook.
Then he watched his video again.
Janie was still saying yes." (page 107)
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