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What Adaptations Enable A Bird To Fly

No description

Theo Yaremko

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of What Adaptations Enable A Bird To Fly

Birds hava a light weight skeleton made of mostly thin and hollow bones
They are streamlined and they have light yet strong bones
The upper arm is short and thick for powering the wing beat:This part is invisable on most birds
The tail is to tip the bird up or down which means the bird needs a tail.The tail is like a brake to the bird
Birds flat there wings and the air goes around there wings And that is what PROPULSION is
Birds feet help them swim though water

Lift-Lift is what lifts the bird higher up in the air -a Gravity-Gravity pull the bird down and thats how we stay on this planet and we dont float off Thrust-Thrust is what makes a plane go foward and also a bird Drag-Drag is what drags the plane or bird so it slows down or stops.Its like brakes and iar causes drag Air And Aerodynamic
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