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Creating Slideshows within the CMS

Lizz McManus 10/10/09

lizz mcmanus

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of Creating Slideshows within the CMS

Creating a slideshow is an easy way engage potential site-vistitors People react favorably to photos and research has shown that
quality photos will keep people engaged and interested in
your content. Step 1:
Add System Title, Page Title, and Navigation Title.
Also add Meta Keywords and Meta Description Step 3: If needed, add text to the body field. This text will
appear to the right of the slideshow,
REMEMBER you can click the 'POP' icon to make your body
field larger and easier to write large amounts of text! Step 4:
Add a CAPTION if you would like text to appear under the entire slideshow.
Add a URL to the MEDIA URL field to add an audio file (this will play while your
slideshow is running.
Select a transition time next to SLIDE DURATION.
Step 5:
Click INSERT. Step 6:
Add your images.
Right-click on slideshow and select
ACTIVE ASSEMBLY TABLE EDITOR Almost done! Step 7: Click on the hlsSlideShowImages field. Step 8: Search for Images using the Search Box. Step 9: Preview your Slideshow by right-clicking on your slideshow.
Select HLS Preview to P-SLIDESHOW. And the grand finale is previewing your slideshow! Created by:
Lizz McManus
Director of Online Communications
617-495-8279 Creating Slideshows in the CMS:
By the end of this quick three-minute tutorial,
you will know how to create an engaging slideshow
within the CMS.
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