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Business are us.

No description

Nazheef Zuber

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Business are us.

Business are us
Sole traders is when a person starts his own business on his own.
Some of the example of sole traders are corner shops,off license,chicken chips.
Sole trader is the most common type of business and it is easy to set up.
The person can keep all the profit that he makes.
The owner will normally provide for their own business or he/she would be able to take a lone out from the bank.
Sole traders are really successful at what they do for example they could offer specialist services for their customers which could be very beneficial for their business.
Sole traders are more likely to be hassle free because they don't have to listen to anyone's orders.
The advantages of being sole traders is you don't have to travel long distances so your business could be around your house.
However there are some disadvantages of sole traders.
The person who is running the business might suffer a huge due to that reasons the might have to shut down the business.
If the person falls ill he might have to close down the business which could lead him to a huge loss.
if you don't have the right amount of skills you wont be able to run the business.
Partnership is when a 2 or more people (no more then 20) start a business.
some of the example of partnership are H&A solicitors, khan restaurant.
The business is agreed on term and conditions and signing a contract deed of partnership.
Partnership are mostly done amongst sole traders and small business.
Partnership could be really helpful for a sole traders because he could gain some experience from his partners.
Due to partnership you would negotiate your working hours and have flexible hours.
The partners could also share different ideas which could help them make more profit.
However some of the disadvantages of partnership are:
If one of the person works harder than the other one the both get the same amount of money so its unfair on the other.
You can't keep all the profit you make you have to share the profit equally with your partners
Partnership usually also have unlimited liability which means that is the business fails and has debts,the partners are responsible for paying it all.This means that they lose their personal possessions such as their home and car in order to pay their business debt.
Firstly the difference between private limited companies and public limited companies are the share of private limited companies can only be bought my a company share holder or a private family member however,the share of public limited company can be bought by any person .
some of the examples are google, apple, Samsung.
Public limited companies have some of the same advantage as private limited companies for example limited liability.
The share of the private limited company cannot be transferred or sold to any one without agreement.
The share holder of a public limited company is could earn a lot of money because most of the british companies are public limited in Britain.
However some of the disadvantages of public limited companies are:
It can be taken over by anyone who buys more then 50% of the companies share.
£50,000 worth of share needed to start a public limited companies.
Value of the shares in the business can fall.
Business are us.
we are a company who provide materials for revision for people aged between 16-19 and teach them the basics of business studies which could help them make a better and brighter future.
In this presentation I will be showing you different types of business fields. Eg:
sole traders,partnerships,private limited companies and public limited companies.
Private limited companies are big companies that are run by families
Some of the example are: royal mail,Thomas cook,Ikea.
Limited companies are different from of partnership.
Banks are willing to lend more money.
Limited companies are owned by share holders and run by the companies directors.
Directors are people who are appointed by share holders to control and make the strategic decisions for that company.
Share holders are people who invest money in shares of the company
Private limited companies are limited liability(is when none of your own possession are at risk expect for your share in the company) this is a great advantage for shareholders.the share of private limited company can be bought for minimum
The share of a private limited company can be bought for £2
However some of the disadvantages are :
Private limited companies shares could only be bought a share holder or a private family member no third person is allowed to buy their share
Private limited companies are very hard to set up because it take up a lot of money
Decisions about the business have to involve shareholders
Cash and carry
The aim of this sole traders is to be a very successful business wise.
The main business activity is to sell household items and sweets they also do oysters top ups.
This sole trader is located on Katherine road Newham, London E7 8NW ‎
They have only got one branch on katherine road and the branch is local

The aim of the shop is to provide the best food ,soup and coffee in London. Also, they want to strive for the highest possible quality of food,service and shop standard.
The main purpose of the business is they offer Sandwiches ,Soups , Pies, Salads, Wraps, Sushi, Desserts, Baked Goods, Breakfast (including porridge),Coffee Drinks & Juices and great Coffee.
They are located through out London for example one of their branches is located in Westfield.
They have got over a hundred plus branches in London this means they are nationally located.
website : http://www.eat.co.uk/index.php
Their aim is to sell great products in a great store or online. Sold by great people.tight in the heart of the community,whether physical or virtual.
Their main aim is to sell good quality products for a affordable price for example: bed sheets, mirrors, mugs, toilet rolls etc.
Their branches are located through out united kingdom for example one of their branch is in High Street North East ham
Their company is national their branches are located every where around Britain in total have more then 300 branches.
The main aim of the company is to make innovative product that would revolutionize the way we live.
Their main business activity is to sell electronic product for example : mobile devices,televisions,cameras,laptops,home appliances.
Samsung is a very well known company they are based all over the world and with a very good reputation.
Samsung have thousands of branches all around the world they are multinational.
Nazheef Zuber 61Q
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