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Music Production Tech

No description

Jon Hawkesford

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Music Production Tech

Music Production Tech
Re Cap
Draw a drum kit
List all the Parts
Annotate the mic placements and microphones from last week
Recording Elec Guitar
Pros & cons

1 mic (dynamic)
1 mic (condensor)
2 mic (dynamic & condensor)
Guitar pre amp
amp modelling plug ins
Recording Task
in groups record electric guitar using the method given to you.

exeriment with placement i.e. position on amp
distance from amp
on axis / off axis
placement of amp (hard floor, soft floor, off the ground)
DI - using all options
Feedback your results
what differences did you find?
which do you think got you the best sound?
Next week - acoustic gtr
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