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Plant Life Cycle - 4th Grade

No description

William Begoyan

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Plant Life Cycle - 4th Grade

Plant Life Cycle
By: Mr. Begoyan
Plants from Seeds
Spores and Plants
Plants from other Plants
are the first stage of life for
flowering plants
Seeds are found inside the fruits of flowering plants, and the cones of conifers.
To begin their life, seeds need warmth, water, and air.
When these conditions are met, seeds
(begin to grow).
Many flowering plants need to have their pollen spread by insects and birds.
Seeds can spread by simply falling from the plants.
Seeds can be carried far from the plant by animals and birds who ate them.
Some plants never grow cones or flowers that produce seeds.
are like seeds, but most are carried by wind to new locations and germinate far from the parent.
Some spores need to join up in order to grow an adult plant.
Some plants grow by
Some plants, like the spider plants, create runners that will become a new copy of the plant.
Some plants may look like individuals, but are in fact just one plant with a massive shared root system.
Aspens are an example.
It is also possible to
some plants on to others.
This allows multiple plants to grow from a single surrogate.
1. What plants produce seeds and how?
2. What is necessary for a seed to germinate?
3. How are seeds spread?
4. How do spores work?
5. Can new plants grow without seeds or spores?
6. What is plant grafting?
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