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Technology and the Future (School Presentation)

No description

Holly Tabor

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Technology and the Future (School Presentation)

Technology and the Future... When I was younger, technology was very different to today... There were no mobile phones... Technology has evolved... There have been hundreds of new inventions & bright ideas... Think about things you use today that we did not have before... What will the future be like? We live in an age of constant digital, informational and technological change... The future of schools... There were no i-pads or 3-D cinemas... There were only a few television channels... ...and not all of them were even in colour. But things have changed... http://www.moshigames.com/cooking/moshi-cupcakes Moshi cupcakes?... But things are still changing... ... and at a very fast pace Future money - a 'bitcoin'? Future eyewear: Google Glass Project We can use technology to improve the world around us.... Here are some things to think about.... Smart desks.... Personal tablets and interactive white boards... The future of our homes... Future toys... Future cars... Robots? ...will we create second humans (Avatars)? Homes structured around glass..... Homes with electronic and automatic temperature controls... Skyscrapers built under or on the water as there is no more space on land.... Teddy bears that can talk back to you... Televisions controlled by hand & body movements... Flying cars... Self-driving cars... Future ways to produce electricity... Look at how these inventions turn everyday movements into electricity... Future watches... Is there an iWatch under development? Google are working on a self driving car which has already been tested and is expected to be ready to use in 3-5 years time. What do you think the future holds? If you had the chance to create a toy for the future, what would you build ? The future of health... Robots or computer systems to diagnose and then help treat illnesses... Digital pills...

Once swallowing these pills they activate inside your body. They can treat symptoms and tell doctors exactly what is going on inside you. They can also link to phone apps... IBM's Watson project... ...Watson is a computer robot being trained to 'listen' and diagnose patients problems Digital cube blocks... UK Business Trade Ambassador
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