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BEE - An Investment Oppourtunity

No description

Adam Dawson

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of BEE - An Investment Oppourtunity

BEE - An Investment Opportunity
Adam Dawson, Oliver Welch, Matthieu Souyri, Timon Moss, Romary Jacquot

60 Second Pitch
60 Second Pitch
- A Mobile App

- 8 neatly wrapped themes: Entertained / Inspired / Generous / Stylish / Adventurous / Healthy / Informed / Successful

- Revenue primarily through affiliate marketing and glean content from those companies, re - blogging and self creation

- Tailored for the mid up and comers from 18-44

- 1 billion smart phone users in the world. Checking emails and social media cost more than an hour each day in productivity,

- Seeking 225,000 pounds and offer a exciting opportunity gaining 25% of bee.
Practical Feasibility
State of the Market
-Company value based on user rather than profit.

-Concept of moving what is online to offline by promoting an healthier lifestyle with a strong initial local footing.

-High ROI + Strong potential for growth in an expanding market.

-Development of NFC.

-Proven model for monetizing.
Protect the idea

-High investment

-Rapid growth

-Establish market share

-Brand Loyalty
.Market size: key figures about our market
-> new idea, new way to penetrate the market
-> The advertiser, the publisher, the consumer
.Market share: how to position BEE on the market
.Competitor: Groupon
-> 150 million purchases via affiliate websites, for a total
of £13 billion turnover
-> Groupon.com: started in 2008, offers promotional
offers, 7 million visitors per month, turnover about 2.3 billion
.Definition of the actors:
- Once a user base is established revenue can be generated from Affiliate Marketing sources.

- Affiliate marketing revenue primarily used for growth.

- Majority of Bee's
monetisation shall be
directly linked to
Active User Value.

-Private Sale or IPO
-£6.52 million
- Detailed model constructed
in order to assess user base
growth over time

- Conservative figures have
been used wherever possible
- Typical viral factor:
0.15 - 0.4
- Bee viral factor: 0.2,
decays by half per month
-Retention: 60% falling to
40% after 6 months

- Initial investment
-App development (£95,000)

- Enables rapid growth both of the App platform and user base

-> Differentiation
Demographic (young professionals and university students)

Online strategy: viral marketing, social network ads, SEO

Offline strategy: grass roots and university ambassadors scheme, constructing branded apiaries in the local area.

Corporate Social Responsibility
SROI: Social Return On Investment

Our Measures toward combating Colony Collapse Disorder: Apiary construction, 5% of profits towards CCD charities

- Investment of £225,000

- 25% share of Bee

- Potential return after 5 years of £1.63 million
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