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ICT SWOT Analysis

No description

Samih Zein

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of ICT SWOT Analysis

Robust ICT infrastructure.
Collaborative, energetic and professional ICT team.
Have a diverse ICT Knowledge.
Reliable ICT and communication services.
Ability to reduce ICT Cost.
Have knowledge to develop ICT Strategy.

Budgetary limits and economic factors in funding critical infrastructure and technology.
Small staff and limited resources to support ever increasing information technology needs.
Lack of training to capture fast development in ICT.
Lack of Information System security Controls.
No disaster preparedness and procedures.
Customer service levels and satisfaction need improvement.
Overall Absence of end user awareness of risks involved in practice.

Implementing Network monitoring system
Implementing new applications & ERP modules
Developing ICT governance
Build WNSC Site Data Center

American Sanction.
Misuse of ICT technology & services.
Staff turnover.

Review and redesign all Network architecture and computing environment.
Development of Team Collaboration Plan.
Development of Redundancy Plan for knowledge Worker.
Enhance the Reliability and availability of ICT Services.
Use ICT to provide cost-effective means to achieve business results and improve operating efficiency.

Select a Strategy Committee members, to create the ICT strategy Plan.
Meet the critical business requirements with 60% of the total budget for Cost Minimization Purpose.
Increase and provide ICT resources.
Develop a training plan for all ICT employees, which is will be reviewed quarterly.
Impalement IS security Controls.
Create and Manage BCP.
Implement customer support system to enhance user’s experience.
Organize and deliver orientation program to enhance staff awareness
Implement and provide corporate network Monitoring System.
Implement More ERP Modules for Business Process Automation.

Develop an IT Governance Plan.
Build and Maintain Secure and Cost Effective Data Center.
Identify alternative way of supply for US Products.
Organize two awareness programs for employees about ICT technology & services.
Reduce Staff turnover rate .

ICT SWOT Analysis
The Road Ahead
Quick Wins
By: Samih A.Elmarouf
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