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Cover Convensions

No description

Adam Kozakiewciz

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Cover Convensions

Cover Convensions (Front Cover)
Master Head:
used to show the magazine title, this is large so it is easy to see (it is meant to glow from the other parts fo the cover)
Selling Line:
a shot piece of text which gives the magazine a kicker
Cover Line:
lists a few articles which are worth while
the price-tag for the magazine
Main Image:
the background image
Main Image
Cover Convensions (Article)
Cover Lines
Selling Line
Editors Notes
White Space
Drop Cap
indicates where the start
of the article is
The main title of the article
used to space out the text
to make look more neat
editiors notes:
a note from the
editor which some editors do
White Space:
the blank spaces in
the page
Cover Convensions (Comaparing)
one picture on the left is my product, the
on the right is a professional product, they are
both in the electronic music category. my
magazine has more colours but thiers has more
text on it than mine. i used 4 colours on mine
and they have used on two colors. we both
used a black and white image for our main
image. mine also has a barcode wheres thiers doesnt have a barcode
the way i represent my audience is lonely, i show this by all my photos in my magazine pages have a lonely vibe to them. i got this inspiration from alan walker's song "Faded". i feel like it fits the genre. there is a lot of black and white in my product, this also relates to the song faded in the terms of colour fading. some people will have the impression that its depressing but i feel most people who listen to electronic music are lonely. my target audience is for teenages, i choose tihs audience as i did a survey and the results came back with mostly teenagers (found out by age). in all my pictures, i also wear hoodies and ithats my sterotype in appearnce as again, that is what teenagers wear.

this is completely differnct from other magazines as most electronic magazines use a high variety of colours, mine uses only 4. also the clothing i use differs with the other music magaines in my genre.
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