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Treasure Island Presentation

A Book by Robert Louis Stevenson

Maddy Nagel

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Treasure Island Presentation

A book written by Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island Treasure Island is a fictional adventure story written by Robert Louis Stevenson, that is 195 pages long, and was published in 1945 by HarperCollins Publishers. Treasure Island is a book
about a crew at sea looking for a treasure, but mutiny is planned. In the end, the good guys get the treasure. Treasure Island is about a young boy named Jim, who lives in and owns, the Benbow Inn. When a captain decides to stay there, Everything will change for Jim and his family. I thought that this book was very interesting. I think the author achieved his purpose of creating a realistic adventure story. I think it did have a few weaknesses in my opinion. The dialogue was a little difficult to read and understand, and the characters weren't really introduced in how they react in their own life as other books do. This story does not really have a central theme, but a make up of a whole bunch of different themes put together like," With honesty comes bravery." or "All that glitters is not gold." After I read all 195 pages of this book, I had a few opinions. I thought this was a very good adventure story that really makes you feel like your right there on the ship with them. I also thought that the characters had well described emotions.Over all, I would say that I would recommend this to a friend or family member. Skeleton Island Hispaniola The Admiral Benbow Inn The Hispaniola is a pirate ship that was shiny and new.It was very unorganized inside. The crew's cabins were beside a mound of gunpowder, and there was a spare apple barrel on the deck. The Admiral Benbow Inn is a small hotel that is fairly nice inside. It has a dining room, rooms for guests, and it's also Jim's home. Skeleton Island is a dry, sandy place that the men believe the treasure is on.It has only a few sparcely placed pine trees, and three large hills, the one in the middle cut off flat at the top. It was very barren and there was no source of food at all, on the island itself. The only food they had was from the rations the crew had brought with them. Jim is telling this story from his point of view until they reach the Island. After that, Dr. Livesy narrarates for a while, and then it returns back to the main character, Jim. Jim is the Protagonist, or the hero of the story. There are many characters in this book, but a few of them just seemed to revel themselves more than others. Some of the main characters are:
Dr. Livesy
The Captain
Long John Silver Settings
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