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No description

Destiny Gonzalez

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Ethics

Ethical Situations
Cheating on income taxes to save nearly $2,000
Skipping the automobile emissions inspections with the rationale that you are a mechanic who takes better care of your automobile than a service station
Consequence For Shoplifting
The consequence for shoplifting is they may face charges and may be banned from stores or malls. It is a misdemeanor, or a low-level offense. The punishment or sentence for misdemeanors is usually a fine, a few days in jail or both.
Ethical Issue: Shoplifting
I personally think shoplifting is wrong and if you do steal then you should be punished. Its not fair to take something from the store only the have that store raise there prices just to cover what you took. Shoplifting is a serious situation and will affect your future so you need to really think if it worth throwing your future away just for something you see at the store and cant afford or dont wanna pay for.
Ethical Issue: Cheating on Income Tax
Who Is Affected by Shoplifting
Shoplifting affects everyone in your community. It affects businesses and causes inventory loss and also raises prices to cover the loss
It also affects the thefts future. For example they may end up with a criminal record which makes it harder to get a job or get into college
Destiny Gonzalez
10th period

It is illegal to cheat on your income tax and you will most likely pay a penalty and a fine. Also you could be arrested and be sentence up to five years.
Who Is Affected By Cheating On Income Tax
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