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Mr Sandy

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Portraiture

What is a portrait?
A portrait is a painting, photo, or sculpture of a person (usually just the head and shoulders).
Portraits normally tell you something about the person, whether it be in the medium used, the body language of the person or an object in the picture.
Why have your portrait painted?
It showed you were wealthy.
It showed you were someone of importance.
It immortalized your image forever.
It allowed you the luxury of 'dressing up' for an audience.
Examples of famous portrait paintings.
Our task.
Using magazine cut outs, develop a face using the features only ( hair, eyes, nose, mouth). Remember to pay close attention to the proportions of the face and where everything goes.
Create a portrait using magazines, comics etc. Emphasis should be on proportions of the face.
Leonardo da Vinci
The Mona Lisa
Diego Velazquez
Pope Innocent X
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
The Weeping woman
Paul Emsley
Kate Middleton
First draw an oval, divide it in half horizontal and vertically.
Divide the bottom half into thirds.
Draw the eyes just above the middle line
Space the eyes one eye width apart.
Draw the nose on the
second horizontal line.
Draw the mouth on the third
horizontal line.
Proportions of the face.
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