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Spider-Man Transformation Project

No description

Shur Xiong

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Spider-Man Transformation Project

Shur Xiong
Peter Parker(Student) Spider-Man(Hero)
Main Character
Powers: Supernatural Spider Powers
Feels obligated to protect the city and his loved ones
Subconsciously seeks revenge
Elements of Transformation
Peter was bitten by a genetically manipulated super spider, which gave him super powers, and a new responsibility
His new powers gave him the ability to exact revenge for his Grandfather's death
In the end, he transformed from a hate driven person into a forgiving person
He transformed from an ordinary student into a mature & powerful, spider-like hero
He now knows about his responsibility
He matures and is forgiving
He has unbelievable super powers
He is admired by everyone in the city
He has to protect all the citizens
He has to encounter many super villains
He has to assume full responsibility
Risk his normal life
With great power,comes great responsibility
Revenge is never an answer
Cherish your loved ones
Spider-Man has to take responsibility for the city just like Owen's Wife has to take responsibility for Brigid
Spider-Man Movies
Thank You
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