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Chile Earthquake

No description

Lozziii Alden

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Chile Earthquake

2010 Chile Earthquake The cities which shook the strongest were Arauca and coronel. They also had the msot damege caused.
A tsunami was triggered form the earthquake which affected several costal towns in south central Chile.There were tsunami warnings in over 50 countries!! The epicentre (the point on the ground directly above the focus of the earthquake. It was offshore the Moule region and it was on the boundary betweeen the Nazca and South America tectonic plates. 28th February at 3.34 in local time (6.34)
The earthquake effected around 80% of santiago. 300 people were killed and 15 were missing.
It all happened in the morning so people were still sleeping. The earthquake caused blackouts which effected 93% and some balckouts lasted days. More than 200 prisoners escaped and 36 were recaptured. 500,000 homes damaged beyond repair and ciizens slept in tents or streets. They didnt want to be in their houses for the aftershocks. This earthquake was one of Chiles biggest. Its strongest earthquake was a magnituted of 9.5! This 8.8 earthquake was not far of this. Even though the magnitude was higher than Haitis 7.0 the earthquake caused less damage. This may be because Chile is more developed than Haiti the buildings were more earthquake proof. By March 6th there more than 130 aftershocks recorded and 13 of these were above the magnitude of 6!
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