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Residential Curriculum

No description

Annette Manson

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of Residential Curriculum

Residential Curriculum Programming Processes and proceedures Intentional Conversations What is a Community Development/
Programming Model? Social Programming
Student Leader led educational programming
RAs getting to know and mentor students RESIDENTIAL CURRICULUM
By- Annette Manson and Monica Rochon Residential Curriculum
Looks at the Mission of the University, SA & HRE
Identifies and Includes the Key Stakeholders
All encompassing, more than just programming
Repeats message & includes different learning styles/strategies to increase "stickiness"
Reach the majority of students, not just the ones who attend programs to learn
Professional Staff are more involved, they are the experts
Professional Staff, AD's and Directors create the curriculum
Uses other resources where people are experts in their area
Includes assessment How did we create our Residential Curriculum ? Sent 3 Professional Staff Members to the Residential Curriculum Institute
Met on average once a week since Fall 2009
Talked to the key stakeholders in SA and HRE
Review the Missions of USF, SA and HRE
Looked at the 7 Learning Outcome and discussed the needs of our students
Decided what we wanted our students to know and why it was important for HRE to teach
Included the stake holders at each part of our process as we defined our learning outcomes, extended learning outcomes and deliverable Personal
Responsibility Academic
Competence Effective Communication Multicultural
Competence Learning Outcomes (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Social
Responsibility Now What? Learning Outcome Extended Learning Outcome Deliverables Deliverables that not all
students will expereince USE AS A GUIDING DOCUMENT
~This should be in your everyday work already~
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