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Welcome to Germany

No description

Hannes Derkannes

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Germany

Inhabitants: 82 Million
Roman Catholic 34%
Protestant 34%
unaffiliated or other 28.3%
Muslim 3.7%
Major celebrations: Oktoberfest and Carnival
Chancellor: Angela Merkel
largest economy in the European Union
world's leading exporter of goods from 2003 to 2008
Federal Republic of Germany
...everybody is welcomed
... multi cultural country
Germany = Deutschland
Currency: DM Euro/€

more than 100 000 Hindus :-)
Welcome to

Habits &
Bed pillow and blanket
breakfast, lunch and dinner
Table Manners
The -German
Sabine Mueller
42 years old
5'5" tall
67 kilos
works part-time
wears her hair long
runs the household on her own
The two have been married for 17 years, and their only child, Alexander, turned 15 last summer. He was 14 when he kissed a girl for the first time.
we like
Indians vs GermanS
Before going
Thomas Mueller
45 years old
5'9" tall
83.5 kilograms
€3,702 ($5,923)
his car is a VW Golf
frigid and cold?
use of knife & fork
left hand is used equally as right hand
thick, cozy & fluffy
no talking while chewing
everybody has its own plate
little hierachies
What Prashant from Pune says about his first impression in Germany:
Prashant: So for me as an Indian to be here in Germany, the main few things I have noticed when I came here are as follows:

The people are friendly, they go out of their way to help you.

Things are organized and everyone follows the rules.

People believe in doing one thing at a time and not multi tasking.

Quality in everything you do is essential.
Germany is more formal than many other western countries.

Greeting people and being polite is a way of life.

Being punctual at meetings, not too loud in public places is also salient.
it is impolite to burp
English language skills:

According to international studies Germans are compareably good english speakers...

BUT ... we are so so ;-) !!!
Movies are synchronized,

few english TV channels!
Source: http://karrierebibel.de
waste separation is important
loud and strong voice!
..so speak up!!
Welcoming in Germany:
The way you shake hands,
reveals a great deal about you!
Shake hands and tell your name!
Western toilette
no water tube
Vegetarians in Germany: about 5-10%
Vegetarians in India: more than 40%
less spicy but more salty
comparatively many cold dishes
hearty and fatty
Traditional German food:
Germans like international food like Italien pizza & pasta, Turkish kebab, Chinese etc.! Moreover one can find Indian restaurants in every bigger city.
German restaurants have become the world's second-most decorated after France
typical German ingredients:
German dishes:
Largest German state: 70,000 km2
Bavarians are very proud of their culture, heritage and soccer team
Capital: Munich (München)
typical bavarian
FC Bayern München
BMW Car producer
Traditional dress
Hofbräuhaus/Beer brewery
& Beergardens
Countryside and Nature
Warm clothes
your favorite spices
Don't forget:
Think about reading a culture book like:
"thank you!" & "you are welcome!"
Germans use it often and for any kind of favor!
Who is this person?
What is the name of the most traditional celebration in Munich?
Capital of Germany?
3 German car brands?
Highest mountain in Germany?
4 neighbor countries?
So, what is true about the Germans??
- car belt
- helmet
- red signal
security is taken serious:
car, motorbike, television, computer, telephone, Mp3, jeans, helicopter, aspirin, toothpaste, tea bag, light bulb, homeopathy, periodic system of elements
Good to know:
3) bargaining is not common practice
We are a "self-service-country"
few basic service:
- pertolstation
- Mc Donald's tray
- Luggage carrier
- shopping trolley
- Around 10% in restraurants, depending on the service
- Luggage carrier per item around 1 euro
- Taxi driver, depending on service and friendlyness: a small tip is okay!
- In general:
tips are appreciated but not mandatory
a way to acknowledge good service
7) Indian cousine in Wolfratshausen at "Bharat"
1) self service is required at many places
2) ticket check on trains
9) good place to buy souvenirs:
Airport Munich
4) Tip:
5) Menu cards are often only in German language
6) good and cheap supermarkets are: Aldi and Lidl
8) polite use of language is appreciated

Hello & goodbye - Hallo & auf wiedersehen

How are you? - Wie gehts?

Thank you - Danke!

Your welcome - bitte schoen

I am vegetarian - Ich bin Vegetarier

Enjoy your meal - Mahlzeit!
Useful phrases:
Castle Neuschwanstein
Deutsches Museum
Allianz Arena
Port of Hamburg
Signal Induna Park
Cologne Cathedral
Rhine Valley
Porta Nigra
City Hall
Hamburgisches Wattenmeer
North Sea
historic city
residual waste
organic waste
recyclable waste
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