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David Karp

No description

Cassie Diones

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of David Karp

Status Update
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"There are a lot of rich people in the world. There are very few people who have the privilege of getting to invent things that billions of people use."

David Karp

Karp started his career as an intern, at the age of 14, for an animation producer Fred Seibert, Frederator Studios. Karp's mother had taught Seibert's children at the Calhoun School and was friends with his wife. Later on, a Frederator employee recommended Karp to assist entrepreneur John Maloney with technical help on his online business, UrbanBaby, an online parenting forum. Finishing this project gave Karp a small amount of equity, later at the age of 17, gave him the money to start his own software consultancy company, Davidville. Marco Arment joined Karp’s company after replying to his ad on Craigslist and contributed his own tumblelogging platforms. This began Davidville’s first large project of a blogging website, Tumblr, in February 2006, gaining 75,000 users within two weeks of its launch. The next year in October, interference with Tumblr and Davidville’s clients were dragging the company and was decided to rename Davidville Tumblr, Inc. As of July 1, 2014, Tumblr hosts over 192.9 million blogs, David Karp’s net worth of $200 million and Tumblr, Inc. worth $800 million. As of May 20, 2013, Yahoo! owns Tumblr for a price of $1.1 billion, David Karp remaining the CEO.
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Harness your vision: Karp began as an intern for an internet company, creating codes for the website, and used his pay to put toward his Tumblr project to acquire the resources needed and to accomplish his blogging site.

Underestimate the roadblocks: Karp ran around the barriers of not having money and having a stable company to lauch his idea when Marco Arment, an online business owner, replied to his Craigslist post.

Network: Again, Karp was assisted by Marco Arment with putting his vision into a reality, making a major roadblock disappear.

Take the first step: Karp took his first step to starting his very own online business by putting an add on Craigslist to try and receive help and partnership from another blogging enthusiast.
Tumblr, Inc. today has over 192.9 million blogs and has shaped not only American society, but reaches globally and shapes our world a a whole. I have a Tumblr and it has personally shaped my sense of style, my interaction with people across the world, and my overall view of the world by Tumblr and other users exposing me to a world of different opinions. When researching David Karp, I was very suprised to learn that he had not even obtained a high school diploma and began working at the mere age of 14. I have learned what a true entrapanur is, starting with a seemingly impossible idea and putting your life into it to make it a dream come true. David Karp did not even finish high school and is worth $200 millions from an idea he created when he was just 17. Hvaing that as an example, anything seems to be possible if you truly try your hardest.
Growing Up
David Karp was born in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. His parents split when he was 17 years old: his mother, Barbara Ackerman, is a teacher from San Anselmo, California, and his father ,Michael D. Karp, is a film and television composer. From age three to eighth grade, he attended Calhoun School where his mother teaches science. He was privileged in education learning HTML at the age of 11 and designing websites for businesses at the age of 14. Karp went on to attend Bronx Science for one year before dropping out at the age of 15 and started homeschooling. Karp's aspirations were receiving acceptance into a college in New York or MIT and saw homeschooling and additional projects on the side as a good impression for the colleges. Karp, to this day, does not have a high school diploma.
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By Cassie Diones - Economics

"Today there are millions of people making stuff and putting it into the world: that's become part of our identity and it shouldn't be limited to people who fancy themselves writers, or who are particularly witty or talented."

David Karp
David Karp

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